Thursday, August 4, 2011

Official Review - Dream Weavers Studio

This review has been in the works for almost 2 months.  Not Not Not because of the pattern but solely on the shoulders of this beader!  I know that's a surprise Huh?

Let me tell you I am in love with Heather Collin's skillz!  She was so sweet when this pattern first came out to let me give it a try. (well I think it's more because she wanted me to stop drooling all over the computer)  I started chatting with her on FB before this pattern came out and you know what she told me?  She has only been doing this for 4 years.  4 YEARS!  Her talent is amazing! And I know this won' come as a surprise but she is also a Bead Maven.  Gotta love them all!

So which pattern had me cleaning my keyboard again?  Guinevere!

Isn't it gorgeous!!!  I asked her what beads were needed and she was so sweet to provide me the list and then sent this gorgeous tutorial.  OMG Really?  (that part is still amazing to me)  And let me tell you (although I know that is why you are reading) This artist can write a tutorial amazingly!  Each stitch is explained and diagrams provided a bit of tension information is also in there and you all know I so need that!  I love the way she made the beads go in different directions and the beads well OH MY!  This is a truly awesome pattern.  You know me so I did try to make my stash work for me when making it and I did sub bead sizes and types in my first attempt in making it and it totally works but.....

It makes one honkin bead so putting 3 strands together would probably make this cover up to my elbow..LOL.  It totally works as a single strand and I am making the other one into a necklace.

So this posed a super dilemma.  How to I give her the props she deserves if I haven't made the actual pattern.  Hummm  "Oh Hunny, sweet hubby of mine I need to go to the bead shop!"  When I got there these beads spoke to me (really they yelled out loud  "Make me Guinevere!") well you know they came home with me for sure!  Fast forward a month or so (hey when you can only bead a couple hours a night if your lucky it takes a bit ) and proudly ready to finish the final strand.  No Way I ran out of beads.  Why oh why did I start a craft that not only is expensive it still makes me buy less than I actually need!  Believe it or not He took me to the shop again and I bought enough to finish and while I was there got a bit extra as inspiration and friendship bipped me in the back of the head!  But you will all have to wait awhile for that reveal.  K?  All strands finished time to zip up and guess what?  It went together perfectly!

Thank you so much Heather!  This was truly a pleasure to make and review and has so many possibilities that I am sure I will be incorporating it many many times!  You have to go check out her store I know you will not be disappointed in anything you purchase!
Here are some other patterns of hers that I also love!

Stunning Right?

Hugs and Blessings 


  1. Gorgeous! I love the colors you used - that bracelet is magnificent.

  2. Cool! I've been lusting over that particular one too. She does make gorgeous designs and patterns! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Kristen and I love the colors you used. I am super happy you enjoyed making it. You have slayed the tension dragon so it has been well worth the effort. Well done :)

  4. Wow that is AMAZING. I'm going to pop over there & check out that link

  5. You did a lovely job, and what an awesome pattern! You were very fortunate to get to test try the pattern, and all her work that you posted is lovely. Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing what else you are up to.

  6. Ooh pretty :) I was eyeing this pattern up the other day too...


  7. This pattern is lovely, Kristen, and the colors you used are wonderful. Funny that you should post this review now because I just bought Heather's Triangles pattern and pulled the beads to start it this morning! I love all her patterns, they're great!

  8. That pattern is definitely drool worthy! It is just gorgeous, and she is only at this for 4 years? Maybe there is still hope for me! Great review-thanks!

  9. Very Pretty. Nice work Kristen! another great review.

  10. Heather is an amazing designer, her patterns are lovely and so unique. However it is the beader that takes a pattern and makes it into something that is truly their own. Your "Guinevere " is beautiful and I bet it generates lots of compliments.

  11. Anna you are so sweet to me! Thanks for always popping in!


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