Friday, January 27, 2012

Official Review - Manek-Manek Beads...Again? Oh Yeah!

Okay so Helena did not ask me to review this one but I am telling you it needed reviewing.  Back when I review the "Pnut2 cuff I showed you the next piece I fell in love with.  To be honest it had moved to the top of my wish list because I had been so wanting to find a way to make a knot like this.  

Well funny thing and sweet and generous and (really I could go on and on but) a friend sent this to me!  Yep you all know me so well I was in utter tears.  It still amazes me the community of beaders and their generosity, support and friendship are beyond a blessing to so many of us.  How lucky we all are to have connected in the cyber world and that it stretches beyond that sometimes.  Well for Christmas my sweet friend also sent me this.  

Okay by now seeing this amazing stitching most of you know I was again blown away and I felt like a princess.  I had intended to make a present for her as well but what to make for her?  And honestly after seeing her stitching up close you know I was thinking "will my stitching be good enough?"  Self-doubt out the window.  Yep I had a pattern I knew would guide me to what I wanted and all I needed to do was follow.

Here is "Knot just a friend"

I gave it this title for 2 reasons.  First it is for my friend that has supported me, guided me, laughed with me, commiserated with me, and has become an important part of my life.  Second I did reach out to another friend to boost my confidence and steady my nerves. And third, Helena.  I met her through this friend but she is just as supportive and frankly an extremely talented pattern designer.  

So about Helena's pattern.  Oh my!  What an incredibly well written pattern.  Her steps are so easy to follow and the working this really flows from your fingers....As long as your husband does not suck up two of the ropes you have started!  Yep in the vacuum a total of 8 inches of beads and if you all do not know I will tell you that when fireline and the beater bar of the vacuum meet those poor little beads do not stand a chance.  Luckily this time I actually had enough beads to spare or you would not be reading this post.  Then knot in this pattern is well I want to say easy to make and it is but it is also complex in the tying process but yet if you follow her steps you really can not fail.  The rope is put together in a way that when you wear it....well it is just plain awesome.  If you have a good feel for stitching you have to go get this pattern.  Really you will love it and following her steps you can not fail.

I also wanted to show you this other pattern of hers.  With all of the tila patterns out there, and they are all pretty cool, this one happens to be my favorite.  

I hope you go visit Helena at Manek-Manek Beads and pick something out for yourself.  You will not regret it at all!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. You are such a sweetheart. I cannot wait to be able to hold this and wear it, it means the world to me because you made it. Don't ever doubt yourself, you're exactly and precisely as wonderful as everyone says you are - and those folks who may be stupid enough to gainsay it, well... they have no idea.

    Helena's patterns and tutorials are amazing and she's an incredible artist! I look forward to making one of these with her focal crystal - for my MIL. I love how you made this design all your own with your gorgeous focal, though. :) Love to you, lady.

  2. I read this knowing it was for Nancy and loving it even more for that! What a gorgeous shade of blue! I love that necklace and the knot is awesome. Your Christmas gifts are pretty awesome, too!! You are so so good, girl! Don't ever doubt that!
    Oh, and I think you need a "no vacuum zone" in your house!!

  3. A "no vacuum zone" is a great idea, I really got a chuckle out of that, cause my hubby did the same thing to me....but look at it this way...we are luckly they vacuum! Leaves more time for beading.
    I just love the necklace!

  4. Kristen that is the nicest knot I've ever seen! And I agree with Sally, you need a no vacuum zone, to preserve the bead stash! lol

  5. Kristen,
    You are a magnificent beader I admire all of the pieces I have seen of yours since being a part of the Beading Babes. Nancy's gifts to you are gorgeous. The necklace you made for her is absolutely stunning! I'm going to check out Helena's shop.

  6. Waouh you did a great job and the colour is amazing, love it ! I bought one of Helena's pattern end of last year (the imperial bracelet because I loved the knot too) but haven't started it yet, so many projects and so little time ... But now that I've seen your necklace, I can't wait to do it and it's next on my todo list, need to finish the evolution bracelet from H.Collins first !
    Thank you for your review and for sharing your work and feelings

  7. What stunning gifts! I am really amazed at the beaded work! "Knot Just a Friend" is a great name and what a stunning, complex piece!

  8. Thanks for the tip on Manek-Manek beads. Love the patterns you shared and the gifts you received. I agree about the warm community of beady buddies. And you should never worry about your stitching - it's wonderful!

  9. I love the designs from Manek-Manek! You did a really good job with this necklace.

    I just bought the "Tatiana" set of patterns from her. I am just waiting for some beads I ordered to get here so I can start on it. I can't wait! I've been reading the pattern over, and I made the earring for practice. You are right, she goes over every step with just the right amount of detail.


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