Monday, November 28, 2011

Official Review - Manek-Manek Beads

First I would like to apologize to Helena Tang of Manek-Manek Beads.  I have been working on this one on and off for a while now and it totally had nothing to do with this incredible pattern. At the end of September my friend Nancy told me about an awesome pattern she purchased from Helena and that I should totally check her out.  Of course you know me and patterns, I must have spent an hour just looking (and drooling) over her creations.  So again you all know I like to chat so I messaged her to tell her how much I liked her designs and that they are totally going on my wish list.  Once again I was totally blown away when she told me she would love it if I would review one for her and to pick my favorite.  Oh that was the hardest part.  Since I am in love with these little peanut beads (aka farfalle) I choose the PNut2 Cuff.  Here is what I made...

Like I said before it took forever to get this one completed.  First I ran out of my favorite needles and needed them because the cuff is made up of 15/0 and peanuts.  Then as I was almost complete I misplaced the little accent beads I was using.  It took a week but I found them under the end table.  Not where I thought I had lost them.  Then (yes there is another issue, hey you should all know me by now right?) I did not have a proper 6mm bead to make that gorgeous large peanut that is used as a clasp.  Really?
Despite all of my issues let me tell you this pattern is awesome!  First it uses RAW (right angle weave) which I am in love with right now and 15/0's that you all know I am particularly fond of.  As well as those little cute peanuts that I love.  Also for the clasp she has a clever section to create a large peanut for the clasp!  LOVE! Her instructions are so easy to follow and the other thing I love about designer patterns it that they have clearer step by step patterns.  Again I am not totally fond of flatwork but as you stitch this lovely it seems to take on a dimension of it's own creating a very soft and fun cuff to wear.  In fact my sweet girl tried to steal it from me before I even got the pictures taken.  So if you are looking for a fun pattern or to test yourself without questioning what the pattern says you totally need to pop over to Helena's site and pick a favorite out for your self.  I in fact have a favorite on the top of my wish list right now.  
Are you as intrigued as I am with this one?  I tried to convince my hubby to get it this weekend but we had to pay for college so Christmas is a bit small.  No worries though I will find a way to get this pattern!  LOL

I know I have been scattered in Blogland as of late but there are some really good and not so good things happening as soon as they all balance I should be back on track.  Oh and just a bit of a heads up I will be posting a Challenge of Color post and the Beading Babes project post this week.  I know 3 posts in a week....Can she do it?

Hugs and Blessings 


  1. Well Hey! There you are!! Very pretty bracelet!!

  2. I am thoroughly amazed at your beautiful bracelet! I clicked on the picture and was able to see it enlarged to and admire it even more. I can only imagine how long it took to create such an intricate piece!!

  3. Thank you Kristen. I am so glad you enjoyed making it :)

    Enjoy the other one that you got from your friend too ;)


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