Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He's 5 and I can't believe it!

Here's another picture from Father's Day that I just had to post. 
He had so much fun helping Daddy with his car he had to check out his 4 wheeler!

Well yesterday was day 2 of Birthday fun for Derek!  On Saturday we had the family picnic at Seneca State Park where they have a spray park (the pictures are on my sweet hubby's phone) he loves the spray park, ok so what kid doesn't.  Our picnic was rushed (and I do mean rushed) because we were watching a thunderstorm come across the lake as we were eating.  So before cupcakes we were in a torrential downpour! (I did save the cupcakes and managed to stay drier than most because I threw the table cloth over me to "protect the food"..smart huh?)  The storm did pass and we were able to tail gate the rest of the party.
Yesterday was pretty tame as his party with friends is on this coming Sunday.  Shelby gave him her gift (more Monster Jam Stuff) and a few family friends came to visit.  Then it was time to play in the garden and water and that's where the rest of the fun happened.  Shelby, Derek and I had a watering hose fight.  (I think Shelby won because I wasn't able to take a picture of my newest pairing as my shirt was SOAKED!)
All and all it was a great day and another one I will keep in the memory closet!

Here is a picture of my first (ok second I love radishes) radish harvest of the season.

Always Believe


  1. I know on so many levels I can't relate, but on some I can with the age thing. My oldest niece just graduated high school. It's killing me. When she was a baby I would sit for her for like 60 hours a week so I was like her 2nd mom. She was my heart and soul. Now my youngest nieces and nephews (different brother)(ages 2-7) that were here in arizona just moved this month to Michigan. Another heart break because I know they will grow up so fast between visits.

    Sorry your picnic got rushed, but how wonderful to get to watch the storm come in over the water!!! We used to drive to the lake to watch the storms come in when i lived in Michigan :) how i miss that.

    what a heart felt blog you shared this morning :)

  2. Lisa you related just fine how sweet you are! You must be an awesome aunt! Thank you so much I loved hearing from you!

  3. It's strange for me to know that my daughter is 10. Just "yesterday" she was a little doll...

  4. I know it goes just too fast!


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