Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month reveal - SueBeads

It is that time again for the Component of the Month reveal.  I was so excited to finally get a set of these amazing beaded beads made by Sue of Suebeads.  I love seeing other beadweavers creations.

Sue's stitching quality is truly amazing.  These are of amazing quality.  I really should remember to take pictures of the beads BEFORE I use them, but you can sort of see them here.

The other reason I should really take a picture is when something like this happens

Yes you can see here something terrible happened but it wasn't all my fault.  The cat tried to eat my bead.

Cute isn't she?  No not when she plays on my tray.  Lucky the beads were small and I did not have to take her to the vet.  I also have to tell you that I was recovering from surgery and I did not notice right away.

I had a thought of making a really cool bracelet using the beaded beads in this way.

I am still rethinking the design now.  I was thinking of using the pendant by Rebekah of
Tree Wing Studio as the accent to bring out the bead now.

Please go check out what everyone else has created.  I can not wait to see.


AJE Team


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Rebekah

It is reveal time and I am so excited to be a part of it!  Rebekah of Tree Wing Studio is our host this month and this is what she offered.

I have to tell you that I did not notice the "love" printed on the side because I was so enamored with the perfect look of driftwood.  I tell you it is like she took a cookie cutter and cut it out.

I new instantly when it arrived what I was going to pair it with and how I was going to hang it.  My friend Jan of Molten Mayham has been dabbling in resin.  She has sent me some gorgeous piece and she is loving doing it so much she will soon be opening a shop.  I will be sure to let you all know when she does. Believe me when I say you will love what she is creating.  She had sent me this key.  She knows I have an affinity for keys and what they represent to me.  Love, Challenge, and Surprise behind every lock.

 I had originally thought I would embroider it but with the clear background any fabric would have drowned the picture out.  I did not get a picture of it before I bezeled it.I was going to but I became so wrapped up in making it work as I have never bezeled a square before.  I love the way it turned out.

From there I did another figure 8 chain.  I was going to do multiple layers but when I completed it and hung the heart it just felt perfect to me.  

I introduce you to "Key to my Heart"

Now I would love it if you went and checked out what our team and guests have done with their hearts.

Karin Grosset Grange
Carol Briody
Rebecca Anderson


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pretty Palettes Challenge Reveal

Welcome to The Pretty Palettes Reveal,  If you have been around last week I posted how excited I am that Erin of Treasures Found and Halcraft USA asked me to play along this month.

Here is the palette again, From Design Seeds

These are the beads she choose,

I have to say I jumped in with both feet immediately.  Sometimes that works for me but other times it ends in a block.  These both happened to me this time.  I started out playing with these trying to keep in mind I wanted to use all the beads in one piece.  Some of my trys I will show you others I will not.

Here was my first thought.

I did not like the boxy look of this one, the green beads did not play well and frankly I REALLY wanted to use the 3 hole links.  So it was scrapped.

Then it hit me I may not be able to use all the beads in one piece and I was putting a bit too much pressure on myself.  With that out of the way this next piece literally flowed from my fingers.

I love the vintage look and feel of this and the color is perfection.  Honestly this only took me 2 evenings to finish so it worked up fast too.

Then the block came.  I really really wanted to use the green but everything I tried wasn't looking like I wanted it to.  I even thought I would make a link.

It just did not have it for me.  I set the green aside again and this happened.

Fun to put together but I did not like the way it felt on my wrist.  Then in the 11th hour almost literally it hit me.  I changed up the seed bead and Monday evening this came to me.

I am loving the look and feel of this necklace and as you are reading this I am working on finishing it.
I can not wait to wear it!  I feel bad this is not completed but as in my normal crazy life my sweet husband pinched his sciatica and I have been nurse maid since then.

Thank you so much Erin for challenge me this month I truly enjoyed playing!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pretty Palettes Challenge

It is awful late in posting but I have to tell you about this.  My sweet friend Erin of Treasures Found is also a blogger for Halcraft USA and a few weeks ago she contacted me and asked if I would take part in her "Pretty Palettes" challenge she does for them each month.  You can imagine that I was taken back because even thought Erin does not work in seed beads I am totally and completely enthralled with her work.  Well you know I could not say no.

For Aprils challenge she choose this palette from Design Seeds, which if you are not familiar you need to go there after reading this post as the palettes are truly amazing to see and offer a boost if you are in need of one.

Then she choose the beads.

96345 – Silver plated floral spacers, 3x14mm
59350 – Purple glass AB 4mm round
80197 – Sapphire glass faceted cube 5mm
80343 – Silver glass luster oval 9x12mm
56841 – Peridot 8x11mm faceted oval

What an amazing selection and since I have been feeling a bit stagnent in my designs they are offering me quite the challenge in a good way.  And I have been working on my designs ever since.

Make sure to stop by on April 29th for the reveal!


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements - Component of the Month reveal - Melissa

As soon as I saw Melissa's components for this month I was hooked.

This is a new venture for her and I will be supporting it with all my heart!  I can not believe how stunning her carving is.  I knew immediatly that I wanted to make a longer piece with this star.  I do not normally wear or make longer necklaces.  I wanted a simple chain but something different so I went out searching.

I ended up looking in old magazines and found this cute chain by Karen Price in the April 2007 issue of Bead and Button.  I still have to add the clasp but I am sooooooo happy with this necklace.

Thank you so much to Melissa for her amazing creativity that inspired me!

Lets see what everyone else has created

AJE team: 

Guest Participants:


Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Art Jewelry Elements Reveal - Use your AJE stash!

I have been real busy with this challenge and the wait for the final reveal has been killing me!

I do have a healthy AJE Team stash and since the edict came down that I need to depleat some of my stash this was the perfect challenge for me and I went with it to an extreme!  So I am going to let the pictures do the chatting on this post.





The only thing left to say is that I love my team members and I have plans to complete at least one piece a month using a component of theirs.  I guarentee if you purchase from any of these amazing artists you will never be dissappointed with your package!  Now lets go see everyone elses stash busting!

AJE team: 

Guest Participants ( aka winners)
Samantha- Wescott Jewelry
Nikki - Silver Nik nats
Melissa - Melissa Trudinger
Becky - Becky Pancake
Yvette - Blue Kiln Beads

Bonus participants! 


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements week in Review!

I wanted to share with you the amazing posts that were shared this week on the Art Jewelry Elements blog.  If you are not familiar with it I am happy to introduce you and if you already know about it but just got too busy to read then here is a brief description and link for you!

Friday -

Linda is livin her dream and sharing the heritage.

Saturday -

This was the reveal of the Component of the month hosted by Diana you will be amazed at all the beauty!

Sunday -

Lindsay talks about the pitfalls of bead hoarding and boy can I relate!

Monday -

Diana shared one of her excursions while visiting Utah.  You need to check out the beads, pendants and buttons she saw!

Tuesday -

Sue introduces us to three types of glass used in lampwork and holy wow I was impressed!

Wednesday -

Jennifer has reached hoarder status and I am so jealous!!!  Look how she is organizing!

Thursday -
Caroline has a love/hate thing going on with metal clay but if you ask me I am in love with her creativity!

I love being a part of this group!!!