Saturday, February 28, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements - Component of the Month reveal - Melissa

As soon as I saw Melissa's components for this month I was hooked.

This is a new venture for her and I will be supporting it with all my heart!  I can not believe how stunning her carving is.  I knew immediatly that I wanted to make a longer piece with this star.  I do not normally wear or make longer necklaces.  I wanted a simple chain but something different so I went out searching.

I ended up looking in old magazines and found this cute chain by Karen Price in the April 2007 issue of Bead and Button.  I still have to add the clasp but I am sooooooo happy with this necklace.

Thank you so much to Melissa for her amazing creativity that inspired me!

Lets see what everyone else has created

AJE team: 

Guest Participants:


Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Art Jewelry Elements Reveal - Use your AJE stash!

I have been real busy with this challenge and the wait for the final reveal has been killing me!

I do have a healthy AJE Team stash and since the edict came down that I need to depleat some of my stash this was the perfect challenge for me and I went with it to an extreme!  So I am going to let the pictures do the chatting on this post.





The only thing left to say is that I love my team members and I have plans to complete at least one piece a month using a component of theirs.  I guarentee if you purchase from any of these amazing artists you will never be dissappointed with your package!  Now lets go see everyone elses stash busting!

AJE team: 

Guest Participants ( aka winners)
Samantha- Wescott Jewelry
Nikki - Silver Nik nats
Melissa - Melissa Trudinger
Becky - Becky Pancake
Yvette - Blue Kiln Beads

Bonus participants! 


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements week in Review!

I wanted to share with you the amazing posts that were shared this week on the Art Jewelry Elements blog.  If you are not familiar with it I am happy to introduce you and if you already know about it but just got too busy to read then here is a brief description and link for you!

Friday -

Linda is livin her dream and sharing the heritage.

Saturday -

This was the reveal of the Component of the month hosted by Diana you will be amazed at all the beauty!

Sunday -

Lindsay talks about the pitfalls of bead hoarding and boy can I relate!

Monday -

Diana shared one of her excursions while visiting Utah.  You need to check out the beads, pendants and buttons she saw!

Tuesday -

Sue introduces us to three types of glass used in lampwork and holy wow I was impressed!

Wednesday -

Jennifer has reached hoarder status and I am so jealous!!!  Look how she is organizing!

Thursday -
Caroline has a love/hate thing going on with metal clay but if you ask me I am in love with her creativity!

I love being a part of this group!!!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements December Component Reveal Very Very Late

Welcome to my part of the Component of the Month Reveal for Art Jewelry Elements.  I know this is very very late since the reveal was to be on January 3rd and this is January 5th.  We had a modem issue so no Internet for a few days made this happen.

This is what Diana had for us to choose from.....

If you know me you are very aware that I not only love Diana but I am addicted to her stoneware! She makes the most amazing pieces with a feel that warms me. I do have a small stash that I hoard!  I know big surprise.

When I got my piece I knew I wanted to play in white.  So I gathered all my white beads with a couple additions because well I did not have a huge stash of white.

I played with components because I thought that was where I wanted to go but the beads again had a mind of their own.

So I started playing.  And I really liked it!

So I went with it and here is what I created.

I will totally be making a bracelet to match and no Shelby is not stealing this one!

Please go check out what everyone else created because that is what I am doing tonight after dinner!
Monthly Winners

AJE Blog Team


Sunday, October 26, 2014

how i feel

There will be no pretty pictures in this posy just plain emotion so if you want to pass you will not insult me.

I am sitting here remembering being 6 months pregnant and imagining how and what my child will be.  Will she (I was pretty sure I was having a girl) be healthy, happy what color hair will she have ( red by the way ) and what kind of mother will I be.

Fast forward 21 + years and now I am thinking have I done what I should have.  We just got back from moving her for the fourth time.  The first time for college.  The second time when she started her dream job and needed to be closer because she doesn't yet drive.  The third because she got laid off and needed to come back home.  But this time is so very different.

Before there was still a need for our involvement.  Take her shopping, to the Laundromat, and help with the little issues that came up.  This the she is not alone.  She has chosen to start a life with her boyfriend.  He will be transporting her.  He will be doing the little things that need to be fixed around the apartment.  They will be taking care of each other.  While I am excited for them I am a little sad.

I do define myself as a good mother although some will say I spoil my kids.  I have been the one that has made sure she ate healthy, took her meds,  helped her in times of struggle.  Have I given her enough information?  Have I prepared her to be a good partner? Will she still come to me for advise?  I know she is ready to be out but still this is so bittersweet.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal!!!

It is that time again when we reveal our take on the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month.  I love this time of the month as much as when we learn what each artist has chosen to feature.   This month it was Kristi's of KristiBowmanDesign turn to host and this is what she made for us.

She calls them Goddess Vessels.  I was instantly in love and told her to surprise me!  

And surprised I was!

I was thinking I was getting a copper one not white copper so I actually had a plan in mind before it even arrived.  I sometimes love it when a plan is side tracked!!!  As soon as I opened it I knew instantly what I was going to do!

Diana had been telling us of her adventure in chainmaille and I have a Facebook friend who always sends my mind working when she post her creations.  Now most of you know that wire and I are not friends in the slightest and so it may be totally surprising you that I am thinking like this.  Wire?  Kristen?  This ought to be good!

Well surprise!  

NO WIRE Chainmaille!!!  Yep I stitched each and every ring myself!  You will see that it is not completed because you know something else?  OH does this one use up the beads!!!

I am totally happy with how this piece turned out!  I was going to go all Celtic mythology on you but with all the research I did do putting it together to make sense was posing a challange.

Please stop by to see what everyone else has created with their vessels I know I am excited!!!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Recycled Glass Beads

I always wondered if it was possible to actually recycle glass for beads.  Recently I was contacted by Jenny at the Bead Chest to check out some of their recycled glass beads.  You know me I love to check out all new beads to be so I immediately said yes.

Here is what they sent me.

Look at the cool color!  I have been trying to come up with something to make with them but frankly I just see pretty right now.  They have a very organic shape and are rather large for what I am used to playing with.

I encourage you to check out the unique selection that they have you may find something that strikes you.