This is all about my journey into the beading world that has inspired me to grow as a beader and a better me. Hang on it may be a bumpy ride but I will promise if you stick around you may find fun and friendship and watch me celebrate my family and friends as well those talented albeit sometimes twisted bead artists that inspire me to create my pairings!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the month -Rebekah

Good morning and welcome to the Component of the month hop hosted the month by Rebekah of Tree Wing Studio.

This is what Rebekah gave us to choose from.

This was very exciting for me as I have never worked with any component like this before.  These are hand painted leather.    However when they arrived something happened.  A good many of you know that my Daughter Shelby occasionally dabbles in making jewelry and when she got a look at these she was in love began begging me to let her play with them.  It was a hard decision but if you had seen the look you would have given in too.

So I would like you to hop over to Shelby's blog and take a look at what she created!
And as always I am so excited to see what everyone else has made!

Guest Artists

The AJE Team
Jenny Davies-Reazor -
Francesca Watson -


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Choosy-Chicks-Choose-Chicklets Blog Hop

Hosted by the lovely Rita of Jewel School Friends.

I was completely thrilled to be one of the lucky participants for this challenge.  I am a huge fan of Sue of Suebeads.  She is not only a friend but a very talented artist.  And lets face it these chicklet beads are so fun and happy who wouldn't be excited?

Well I wanted something special to showcase this little treasure so it sat and sat until it started talking.  I know you have heard me say this before but it is so true for me.  I put so many options together but unless the bead is chatting up a storm it just doesn't fit.  So like I said it sat and sat.  In fact it sat until Friday.  I had a few other pieces to complete while I was waiting for it to get chatty.  Darn thing just wouldn't speak I tell ya.

So I had to finish up a necklace from the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month that Linda had hosted because I finally knew the right way to clasp it.

Dont you know that little chicklet began screaming at me!  I knew just what to do!  

I loved how this turned out and to be honest since I am going to BeadFest in August I am getting a whole strand to play with because I can see a bracelet full of them.

Now you all should know I have to remake this.  And this is why...

Did you see that thread!!!!!!  You should have heard the words when I found it!!!  (Well probably not cuz some of you think I am too nice to say what came out of my mouth)

I will remake it and wear it because it is just so precious!  Now I want you to go check out what everyone else made with theirs!!!  I am so excited to hop!

Guest of Honor & Featured Artist:  Susan Kennedy

Sue Kennedy's blogs:              SueBeads...A Beady Girl's blog
                                                Art Jewelry Elements
Sue Kennedy's website           SueBeads
SueBeads Art Beads               SueBeads


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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Francesca

I may be babbling a bit but hey it is my blog!  Ha Ha

So Francesca supplied us with these amazing glass cabochons.

We could have them drilled or not.  I choose drilled.  But as usual I forgot to take pictures when I received it.

A little funny story about mine is that a few days before I received it my muse had taken a vacation and I was looking for inspiration and Derek came down the stairs and pulled out these two bags of beads.  He knows how much I love orange.

Then Francesca's pendant arrived.  It was perfect!

So I set to thinking up how I wanted to design the necklace.  I wanted to mimic the triangle shape.  Beads on the tray and needle threaded I set to play.  Well guess what?  I love the design so much that
I knew it would be perfect as a bracelet.  Yep I got side tracked.  But thanks to Francesca I actually took the time to write a tutorial.

As as you know if I get sidetracked I did not get my pieced finished even though I had made sure to set time yesterday to finish it but then yep you guessed it DRAMA killed it.  Here is what I have completed so far and my intention is to finish it today!  I love it!

Please make sure you hop along to see what everyone else designed.

Guest Designers

Carol Briody -

The AJE Team

Caroline Dewison -

Susan Kennedy -

Melissa Meman -

Jenny Davies-Reazor -

Francesca Watson  -


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Linda For Real this time!

I sincerely apologize my post is so late.  No real good excuses other than I have been sick all this week and my daughter and hubs came down with it yesterday.  

Linda, our lovely host for this month provided us will an amazing choice.  Frankly I had the hardest time choosing.  

You can see why cant you?  Since I love sunflowers so much I went with the cute little layered sunflower.

I actually had 3 plans fall apart as I went to create this.  And as you will see it is currently unfinished because of the sickness that has befallen our house.  (PUKE BUG SUCKS) but I am extremely happy with the way this is working out.

And hey did you see it will be asymmetrical!  I know I am not one to do this.  I will do a more complete post about this when I am finished because I did learn a lot!

Please go see what everyone else choose and stop back to see me later!

AJE Members

Hugs from a distance!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements: You 'LIKE' us!

 Excitement abounds over at Art Jewelry Elements!  Be sure to hop over to enter our week long giveaways!!!

Art Jewelry Elements: You 'LIKE' us!: The Art Jewelry Elements blog debuted just over two years ago and we are so excited and grateful you all are along for the ride! To supple...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the month Reveal - Sue Beads


This is what she offered up this month for us to play with.

Now I would have also loved some chicklets but I can not resist the chance to play with her cabs!!!!  If you saw my last post I was part of the Waxed Linen Blog hop and now I need linen and chicklets!

So on with my creation.  I should tell you that I had a little health hiccup earlier this month just when Sue's cab arrived and I needed to keep my mind off the waiting and itching.  LOL  I also new from the moment I picked my cab (actually she made one special for me....Thanks for that!) what I wanted to do.  That does not happen very often.  Here is where the inspiration came from.

I loved making the Dutch Spiral with twins so much I new it would make a good necklace!

And I embroidered the pendant with twins too!!! 

I was able to wear this on Mothers' Day to the Rochester Lilac Festival and got a few comments.

Sorry this post is so short I am working through a migraine but that does not take away the love I have for this necklace that is now a cherished part of my collection!!!  Please check out what everyone else choose and made I can not wait!!!


AJE Members


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Linen Jewelry Blog Hop.....Yep I did it.

Welcome to the Irish Waxed Linen Hop hosted by the lovely Diana of Suburban Girl Studio!

I have seen projects done with it and I thought it would be cool so I mentioned to Diana that I would love to give it a shot but getting some right now was not a possibility.  I have the best friends because we worked up a little trade and she sent me some with a couple of coordinating beads of hers (swoon).  She is always so encouraging if you want to start something new.  I had heard of Irish waxed linen but I had never worked with it.  So for those of you who are not familiar with it here is what I found out about it.

As its name implies, waxed linen thread is a thick thread made from linen fibers. The thread is coated with a thin layer of wax, which gives it strength, weight and durability. Waxed linen thread is used in a variety of crafts and sewing projects.

As per usual I did not get pictures of the little kit she sent but I have now made a promise to myself and you that I will make sure to have my phone on hand when opening packages and get pictures right then and there.  Any way I went directly to Pinterest to see what I could find.  The first thing that popped up was this awesome YouTube Tutorial.

It is an excellent way to start using waxed linen and it uses seeds so you know I was hooked!  AND I was able to use this incredible button I have been hoarding of Diana's!  I love the glaze she used on this!

I also have to tell you the color she sent me Williamsburg Blue is amazing!!!  I wanted to do a triple wrap bracelet but I did not measure correctly but that is perfectly fine because I love love this bracelet. 

The next thing I wanted to try is a necklace.  I know I was being a bit over zealous but the color of the second kit just inspired the use of yet another one of Diana's flower pendants I had.

This turned out awesome but I still need to find a way to finish the clasp part.  If not Shelby swears she will steal it and make it a choker.

I wanted to know if it was the linen or the weaving that I was enjoying so I also decided to try it with some other cord I had lying around and an awesome shank button by Lisa Peters.

While I did enjoy the process of weaving and love this bracelet I would definitely prefer to use the linen.  It is stiffer and seems to stay where you put it much better.  So where can you find some?  Well I searched for you and guess what?  I found awesome colors, price and hey she is awesome!  Go check out Mary of White Clover Kiln.  Just look at this awesome selection!

So there is my part of the hop please go check out what everyone else has done. I will be doing my hopping on Sunday as today as you are reading I am either getting ready to leave, on our way or actually riding the trails for the first time on 4 wheelers!  I am very excited.

Diana Ptaszynski 
Susan Kennedy
Blanca Medina
Cheryl Brown
Johana Nunez Rivera
Kelly Morgan
Barbara Bechtel
Heather Boardman
Susan Kolovson
Jayne Capps
Michelle McCarthy
Kelly Hosford Patterson
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson
Linda Younkman

Sandi Volpe
Toltec Jewels
Darlene Mansue

Have fun!!