This is all about my journey into the beading world that has inspired me to grow as a beader and a better me. Hang on it may be a bumpy ride but I will promise if you stick around you may find fun and friendship and watch me celebrate my family and friends as well those talented albeit sometimes twisted bead artists that inspire me to create my pairings!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Fever Blog Hop

Welcome to.....

Hosted by the amazing Lesley of TheaElements, Caroline of BlueberriBeads because frankly we have all had enough of this long winter and needed some color!! Here is what they put together.

Lesley made all these and I would have loved all any of these sets.

Caroline rocked these bird sets in fact she and I may have to chat because I have always wanted to make an necklace with the theme of Bob Marley's 3 Little birds.
They also got together with Claire of Smitten Beads who added sari silks.
I have never worked with fiber and I was more than a bit nervous but look at the colors!!!
So you know I needed some color and since I am a stalker fan of both Lesley and Caroline I through my name in and crossed all fingers and toes and waited.  Obviously we would not be here if I didn't get picked to play but I had to show you my excitement. Then there was the waiting......which is a bit longer coming from the UK but well worth the wait!!!!!

Here is what I received.

I was more than happy!!!  But where to start? Actually I did have an idea before the beads actually came.  If you know me you know I try to incorporate twins in everything.  Those little beads and I are very happy to play together I was just hoping I had the right color and when this pendant arrived I new I did.  Now I will also tell you this color scheme scared the hell out of me.  I have never thought of yellow and purple together but Lesley, Caroline and Claire did it so I gave it a go.

Now I should remember to take pictures of the beads when I first pair them but I always seem to be in the creative mode when inspired like this so I forget.  I knew I wanted to bead around the fiber so that it would show because frankly it is gorgeous!!!!  I have never ever purchased fiber and always always turned away from anywhere it was displayed but that had changed.  Someday I want all of the gorgeous colors in Claire's shop!!!

So what did I do?  Well I concocted a netting with the twins that worked perfectly with the fiber peeking through.
I was going to have just the chain and pendant and make something different for the birds but they all wanted to play so I had fun putting one of Caroline's bird's on Lesley's bead that kinda looked like a nest.  On the other side it looks like a bird sitting on an egg (let's not think that she actually laid it okay because that would really have hurt)  

How to finish it?  I sort of ran out of the twins ( I hate when that happens I should have an unlimited supply of all of the twins ya know) so it was kind of decided for me that I would need to have some of the fiber sticking out but I really love it.  I love the softness.

Thank you does not even cover how happy I am that I was able to play along. 


Now lets all go see what everyone else created shall we?

Erin Prais – Hintz –
Toltec Jewels -


Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements March Component Reveal - In Flight

Welcome again to our monthly reveal of the amazing components our team makes.  This month is....
Caroline of BlueberriBeads!

As with all of our teams creations I love working with Caroline's beads in fact I covet several like these...

This is what she offered us this month....

I once again meant to take a pic of what she sent me but then before I knew it I had already attached the chain,  LOL

Here are the seeds I chose for this project.  I know you will not be able to see it in the pictures but there is a goldish pink in the glazing that just caught my eye.

My crazy life had me thinking how wonderful it would be to see a Luna Moth in flight and get lost in it so this is the chain I decided to work with.  
I totally forgot to mention in when I published this post that I was totally inspired by this pattern my Leslee Frumin that was featured by Jennifer of Beading Daily in this post.
I felt that with the size of this gorgeous Moth I needed a substantial chain to balance it and the twisting is so pretty I couldn't help it.  Also there is a fun texture on the edge because I used peanut beads.  I was trying really hard to finish this before I posted but I have been posting so late I decided to post a work in progress piece instead.

I am liking the way this is turning out but I know it is not something that most would like.  

Thank you Caroline this is a treasure to me!!!

Please check out what everyone else has made,  I can't wait to see

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Hands brought to you by the letters B, S and T

I am have been thinking about starting a new feature and when I picked up the mail today I knew for sure I wanted to begin it today.

Every time I get new beads lately I have been taking quick pictures of them in my hands.  I have yet to post them because like I said I was thinking of making it a feature.  So today when I go the mail and knowing I needed to post about these anyway I decided for sure to make it a reality!

So today's Happy Hands post is brought you you by Blueberri Beads, Smitten Beads and Thea Elements!!!!!!

I am participating in the...

I am in love beyond words!!!!!!!!!

That is my Happy Hands Post!!!!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Side of Love

Whew I have been through computer hell this morning!  I was going to get this all written yesterday but we ended up taking longer on a day trip than planned.  It seems that thinking I could get this post all done and out first thing this morning was not what my computer had in mind for me.  Anyway on with this awesome reveal!

So this month it was Melissa's turn to make pretties for us to play with and boy she did not disappoint!!

Melissa works with and enamels metal.  I love enameled metal.  All the beautiful color blends that come from torching glass!  Most of you know that I am totally not allowed to play with fire as my family still wants a home to live in, so I am truly fascinated with those who can play with it.

I love hearts and in fact they have come back into play in my creating as of late.  So you know when I got this I was beyond thrilled (although once again in my excitement I forgot to get a quick pic before she was a necklace!)

As soon as I saw it the colors popped for me.  And actually I cheated a bit.  I had made this chain a while ago when I had yet another idea for twins (you know I love those two hole wonders) and the colors I choose were classic me.

Black and Pink!

I was so happy that the pendant and chain were a perfect match.  All I had to do is bail it up.

That did not go as quickly as I planned but I love love love this piece.  Thank you Melissa!  Now lets go check out what everyone else did!!!!

Guests... Lori Bowring Michaud  Kathy Lindemer Kim Bender 
AJE Team...
Melissa Meman Jenny Davies-Reazor Rebekah Payne Caroline Dewison Kristen Stevens Keirsten Giles Sue Kennedy


Monday, February 3, 2014

POP up Monday!

I know the title sound cool but it is really just a post about the ramblings in my head.  I haven't even decided really where this post is going as I am typing what I am thinking.  I have been terrible at blogging and I know it.  I have no excuses,  It became so easy to just go to FB to see what is on every ones mind.  A quick glimpse for sure but none the less so much easier that reading blogs.  I do not know why it happened because I really used to love reading all of your thoughts and feelings and seeing all the wonderful things that you are excited about.  Shame on me.  

I have begun to realize that the quickness of FB is really not all that good.  Feelings easily get misunderstood and what you say can be taking quite literally.  I am one of those people who blurts out or types out what ever comes to mind (whether good or bad what it think is usually always good)  but even with that it can be taken all wrong.

The other problem is the time that it takes to really read all the amazing blogs out there.  As I am trying to grow a business (not easy or really successful at this point) I have been taking the time after all the housework is done to bead, take photos and attempting to write more tutorials.

By the way I just released this one. (just so you do have something pretty to look at if you have made it this far...LOL)
There is one more left at the introductory price of $5.50 but if it sells today and you still would like it let me know in the comments today and we can extend that for my blog readers only.

Anyway I have decided not only am I going to change my scheduling to include at least some time to catch up with all of you and a blog post on a weekly basis.  I really have missed it.  

That is all for today as my head is jumbled again and the rambling would not be pretty at this point.  I wish for you all a great day and hope to chat soon.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal - Sort of.

This month the AJE contributor was Jenny Davies-Reazor.  Here is what she created for us.

Now first let me apologize for this not only being a late post but also a work in progress post as well.  The lateness was due to a computer issue that has me frazzled a bit.  The second is...well I love each and every one of the components I receive from each of the amazing artists in the AJE team but this time Jenny went out of her way with choosing a very special word for each of us.  With that said I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to do.  I would like you to read her post on how she created each of these for us here.

This is my component. 

I know I should have taken a picture of it before I started working with it but that part came easily.

direct one's hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

I know that she choose this word for me but I am not sure she realizes how important it has become to me.  I have been needing to "direct my hopes" for a while now and this is something I need a daily reminder of.  I need to truly aspire to be true to myself and how I go further in my beading art.  I have been aspiring to create pieces that are not me and that has been hampering my creativity for some time.  By receiving this amazing component made just for me with Jenny's amazing energy  I have a new drive to create my way.

So with that said I wanted to make something that would be with me on a daily basis.  I really have the need to keep looking at this one everyday so with that said I have made the decision to create a refrigerator magnet.  I am still working on the perfect edging (which I have ripped out 3 times so far) and then I will reveal the finished project.

Please go see what everyone else created

Hope of Craftyhope -
Sarajo of SJ Designs Jewelry

AJE team

What do you aspire to do?

Friday, January 3, 2014

AJE Component Reveal with a bit of tipsy on the side!

I am sorry for posting this a bit late this morning as I was trying to complete my piece and get pictures.  Pictures did happen but finishing did not.

Here is what the amazing Rebekah gave us to choose from this month.

I choose the very light whitish blue one.  When it came I was really blown away by the texture and depth of the bead.  But what to do.  As you know if you follow me regularly I let some pieces sit on my tray so that I see them everyday and wait (and in this case wait, wait wait) for them to tell me what they want to be.

Sometimes it takes a bit of a push especially if it has come down to the last minute.  This time it was still waiting on New Years Eve.  I know I know for a beadweaver this is beyond last minute.  How the heck can I weave something to show how much I love the bead?  Here is where the Tipsy comes in!

I do not know why I think it is fun to attempt beading while I have had a few mimosa's but I guess that is just a challenge I like.  So Cheers!

So with a couple of these under my belt I set to playing.  

Tipsy tip # 1 - Using a doubled thread is challenging enough when not tipsy it is nearly impossible when tipsy!  Oh the tangles!

Tipsy tip # 2 - I was not inhibited by color play at all.  I was able to pull colors from the bead AND and accent!!!  That is usually a challenge.

Tipsy tip # 3 - Do not I repeat do not ask hubs to help you find a missing bead in your stash ever!!!  He has set forth a bead buying ban and stash busting challenge!  Darn it!

Tipsy tip # 4 - 4 mimosa's in 2 hours makes for very slow beading!

With all of that I have to tell you I can not wait to finish this piece.  I made my first Y necklace and I am in love with it!  I know it may not be what someone else may like but I found sweet and somewhat simple is right up my alley!!!

Be honest when commenting please as I really appreciate all comments.  They help me learn and grow as a beader!

Please visit everyone else to see how they played!

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AJE Team:
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