Monday, June 11, 2012

Lark Book Review! 3 titles in one post!!!

I am doing my very own version of a Lark Book Bomb.  LOL  I feel so lucky to have been chosen as a reviewer.  The reason I am giving you 3 in one is that these are TOTALLY out of my genre of beading but are none the less ROCKSTAR titles.

First up...Heat, Color, Set & Fire by Mary Hettmansperger.

WOW what a book!  I read this awesome book cover to cover because I so love the things you can do with fire and glass.  Mary's steps are so incredible and really if I was allowed to play with fire I totally would have hopped in the car and purchased all the supplies to start a new journey in jewelry.  Alas I am NOT repeat NOT allowed to play with fire or anything that requires using super heated materials in any way.  Please do not make me relive the horrible glue gun incident of '95 it still gives me nightmares.  I also love how she uses found objects to embellish and create such beauty.  If you have any interest in starting a new and wonderful journey into fire *shivers* you should totally arm yourself with this book.  Here are two of the cool projects in the book. 
Blue Pencil Paddle Necklace
Found Object Ring
Don't you just want to drool?

Next up is "Making Wire & Bead Jewelry" by Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley
Oh when I got this book I thought "Okay Kristen, you have a book that shows you what you need and how to to it.  You may just be able to make friends with wire."  So again I read cover to cover and Oh the projects I wanted to try.  I have some of the tools and the instructions are so well written and the pictures are incredible to follow.  I have always wanted to overcome the animosity between wire and I and with this book I couldn't go wrong..........yeah right.  Wire still hates me and I spent 4 hours trying to create a simple S hook!  This is in no way reflective of Janice and Tracy because you see Shelby followed the same instructions and hers turned out gorgeous!  Needless to say she has confiscated my book and all my tools and tells me that I need to tell you all that this book is AMAZING!  And she thanks Janice and Tracy for all the inspiration.  Here are a few of the 

I so wish wire did not have such an aversion to my hands but I am totally having Shelby try as many projects as she can!

Last title "Showcase 500 Rings"

 What a truly awesome coffee table book.  All the stunning rings and inspiration.  I have to tell you there are some pretty awesome artists featured in this and the creativity and colors are just astounding!!!  I will let the following pictures tell the story because frankly I can not do this book justice with words!

See what I mean?

Thank you so much Ray for this opportunity!  I have loved exploring these titles and have a few more that are more in my genre that I have been creating pieces from to show just how awesome they are.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. I walked by Mary's book a dozen times at B&B. Should have stopped and picked it up. And I do know Tracy Stanley. She and Janice came by the booth, and they gifted me with a lovely cocktail ring! I took Tracy's class in 2009 and loved it. She is a wonderful teacher and I know this will be a book on my sights. I buy books in mediums that I don't do just to be inspired and it is surprising that you will assimilate into your work! Thanks for sharing your recommendations with us! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. These books do look great Kristen! You made me giggle with the 'hot glue gun' incident (do tell some time!)...and I can totally relate with the wire, as I have a similar relationship with that medium!!!

  3. Awesome post! I thnk you did a wonderful job with the reviews, and I'm with you - I wish wish wish I could work with wire!!!!!!!! xxx

  4. Great reviews, Kristen, especially since they're not in your medium! I have to agree about the first two books. They are absolutely awesome (and I don't use that phrase often!). I have both of them because they are written by my favorite wire/metal workers. Both books are so informative and full of good information. I've seen the ring book and I love it. I have several of Lark's collections and they're all very inspiring. Great reviews. Can't wait to read the next ones.

  5. LOVE your opinions on the books. While I love fire, I don't play with it myself either. But I can certainly appreciate the art from those that do! Great review Ms. Kristen!


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