Saturday, October 2, 2010

Check out this blog challenge from Lorelei!

Oh so this is another quick post.  (really it is) I need to tell you about what Lorelei is doing on her blog!  A couple of weeks ago while bead shopping with a friend (I am so jealous) they decided to challenge each other by purchasing the same beads from Michael's and seeing what each one could create.  Now she has made another Michael's purchase and asked her readers to participate.  I think this is so cool as I know (darn budget thing!) most of us have access to a Michael's near us and the bead prices there are reasonable.(unless you over shop)  Anyway I also like the awesomeness of knowing even my favorite artist use these beads.  You so need to check this out and participate if you can!  (I can't this time can I say darn budget thing again!!!)  I will be tuning in an so should you (really you should because I said so.....Ok I know that doesn't hold much water but I needed to get it out anyway)
Here is the current challenge just click the pic and it will take you to her!
Hugs and Blessings


  1. Sounds like fun. Should be interesting to see all the results, people are so creative and 10 designers will fabricate 10 things that will each be so totally different and unique. It can really blow one's mind as to just how imaginative people can be.

  2. I like the challenge in Beadwork which is along these lines. It will be interesting to see what each participant brings to the challenge.


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