Monday, December 6, 2010

Everyday Celebrations and Surprises

Oh My I have soooo much to tell you about today I don't where to begin!  

Everyday Celebrations
My idea for this post was to tell you about my daily routine and how lucky I am to have it.  I wake up every morning feeling like I didn't get enough sleep to see my sweet Shelby off to school (ok sometimes if Derek has been up in the night I don't get this opportunity) sometimes she is in a great mood and it is a smooth start to the morning but sometimes......well she is 17!  I realize that I don't have a lot of morning with her left and know that this part of our relationship will no longer exist and I am happy and saddened by this.  I look forward to seeing her find her place in this world but I will so miss where we are now.  She even has her own blog and I so wish all of you to check it out!  Little Bizarre Things is hers and she is so trying to find her place in the blog world too!
The next part of my morning is hearing Derek wake up with the sweetest "Good Morning Mommy" voice and a hug.  After Shelby is off to school there is a brief cuddle time and then breakfast.  We see Daddy off to work and the rest of the morning routine begins...making beds, picking up all the stuff left behind the night before, shower, watching a "show" with what ever toys he gets out for it, lunch, off to school, finish housework, pick him and sometimes Shelby up from school, hear about their days, prepare dinner, Hubby home, etc.....  As we know this is the same for all of us in some manner but really how lucky are we!  We are warm, safe and loved.


Then there are the surprises that come during those days.  You know the unexpected things that happen.  On Friday I participated in Erin's "Challenge of Color" Blog Hop and the response that I got was overwhelming!  I not only had a great time with my part I was also able to see so many other wonderful creations and meet some great artists in fact I even won a giveaway!  You should really check out Jeannie's Blog!  Here is the necklace and beads she made for the challenge that I will be getting (how cool is that?) 

And she has some great ornament ideas as well as more giveaways for the holiday season!  Thanks Jeannie I can't wait to get my gifts!

Speaking of gifts LOOK LOOK LOOK what came in the mail on Saturday!
Barbara Bechtel at Second Surf you all know her beautiful creations sent me these.  She calls the black one an "ugly owl" but I think he is the cutest owl and I am so looking forward to giving him and his "perfect" friend a home!  Thanks so much Barbara I love them!

OK I know this is a long post already but I have to share one more of the most unexpected surprises that literally made gasp and almost forget to start breathing again!  I WAS FEATURED!  I know isn't that amazing?  Mortira at Inspirational Beading featured MY little blog!  I have been following her and I will have to tell you that she offers great inspirations and tutorials for anyone looking to start beading.  She even just finished a challenge to make 30 necklaces in 30 days and to be honest I have no idea how she was able to do it!  If you click the link you can see what she said!  I am still blown away!  Thank you so much for this gift, Mortira I will cherish this memory!

More to come later this week!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Congrats on the being featured for your blog - you so deserve it! I loved reading about your day - enjoy that time with Shelby! Also congrats on the necklace win - it is fabo! I love your goodies too, the owls are so cute and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Hugs!

  2. Blessings to you Miss Kristen! Thank you for sharing that glimpse into your world. And I did read all about you on the Inspirational Beading blog. That was sweet!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. You're a gem, Kristen. You are right, enjoy whatever time you can with your kids. The days fly by and turn to years.

    Good beading to you.
    Merry Christmas

  4. It's great when life brings nice surprises! Congrats,dear Kristen! And many-many thanks for visiting my blog! I highly appreciate!

  5. Kristen, I'm so happy that the Universe is sending you these little treasures...I couldn't think of anyone more deserving! :-) How exciting to be featured on Mortira's blog...what a thrill for you! I must pop over to have a look now.

    Here's hoping that there are many more blessings coming your way, my friend!


  6. What a wonderful surprise... I bet you are still smiling! Well done!

    Congratulations on winning the necklace too - another nice surprise! And I love those owls... even the supposedly ugly one!!


  7. Congratulations on the feature! Congrats, too, on winning the pretty necklace & sweet little owls!


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