Friday, December 17, 2010

A Pairing!

I know it has been a while since I showed one of these but I had been getting so many goodies that my inspiration is on overdrive.  I came across this pattern when I was looking for inspiration for the "Challenge of Color" blog hop and I had to try it and let me tell you it is awesome.  The patter is called "Layered Loops" by Connie Blachut and I found it in the Bead and Button shop.  So here is my version called "Evergreen Garland"  

I really loved this pattern.  It was so easy to read and came with great instructions.  And doesn't it look awesome with this sweater?  I wore it to Derek's Christmas concert on Wednesday night and I also love the way it feels on my wrist. 
I have to make this a quick post because I just got back from caroling with Derek's class and I have to pick him up in a few more minutes. But...........
I have to tell you something but I am very hesitent as I have been so lucky lately I am worried that you will feel that I am bragging or that I have been rigging the giveaways.  Really I love to share them with you all and if I had the ability I would give each of you something too.  If you don't want to read any further I totally understand.  If you are still here look at what I got this time......
Lori Anderson @ Pretty Things had a drawing for this and the person who won never contacted her so she held another drawing and I am getting this gorgeous necklace!  First I want you to go right over to her sight and send her a big Cyber Hug because she is having a hard time and needs all the support we can offer her.  This necklace comes from a collaboration born out of bead soup and I tried to find the info quickly but I am not that quick and it is time to pick up my sweet boy.  You know I will show you pics when I get this.
I am still waiting for Beth to get her package and let me tell you my nerves about this are shot.  Maybe you all have felt this before when you sent something you made out to someone else for the first time.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Congrats Kristen!!! Don't feel funny about posting your winnings! I think it's great. You must be having some kind of super great power of attraction going on right now. :)

  2. Congrats on winning! I saw it this morning and thought to myself Kristen is having an awesome month! Isn't the necklace fab! Only 45 minutes and I can leave work, go home and feed the cats and then go to moms to see if the package arrived. I know it is going to be fabo! Like the pairing above, awesome! You Go Girl!

  3. I think it is awesome to share your winnings! Good things happen to good people Kristen! I was mighty lucky in drawings today. Sometimes that happens. Lovely bracelet you made!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. I Love your Bracelet. Beautiful...I want one in blue.LOL..Your necklace is gorgeous as well. Be Happy you won that. Like you could ever "rig" a contest--silly woman!

  5. Hey you better share what you won. I want to know the luckiest girl in town so there!!!
    The gods are with you in the winning department. Maybe a lotto ticket???

  6. Hey Kristen, I thought I'd come over from Jeannie's and say THANK YOU for your kind comment on my work. You make me blush, dear!
    Love that green bracelet and the necklace from Lori is awesome. Wanted to win it, too, but the luck was with you this time. :-)


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