Saturday, December 11, 2010

What A Week!

If you have read my last two posts you know that I have been having an unbelievable week!  An Friday was no exception.  Now I need to tell you all that when I first started this blog adventure I was so overwhelmed by the artists that I was discovering and dreamed of someday being able to get my hot little hands on their creations.  You all have been there and know exactly what I mean but.....Then I was meeting the artist behind the work and was even more overwhelmed at how wonderful they are and how much of themselves ACTUALLY goes into their treasures.  I have been lucky enough to be welcomed with open arms, inspiration and friendship....That is the best part.  I didn't even think that was possible.....Boy was I sooo wrong (hey it happens sometimes)  The other problem as we all are experiencing this past year is how to creatively budget for our dream shopping not only to have the gorgeousness that is out there but to also support all of you.  Well I haven't been able to fit too much into that part so........Swapping!   Well Beth @ EB Bead and Metalworks took me up on my offer and at first I was so excited know me I get nervous.  All I do is seed bead stuff and she has all that gorgeous metal and enameled goodness  but she wanted some of my beaded beads so OK!  

LOOK LOOK LOOK what she sent me!!!!
I had to steal her pic as my camera is not being nice to me right now!  She called this pic "Goodies for Kristen"  ain' she the BOMB!
Now I know normally I post the whole process of opening for you but OH NO not this time!  I was so excited to get this I HAD HAD HAD to forgo the suspense (for me of course).  Now Beth asked me which pendent I would like and the first one of course was this amazing Bluebird.  First because I love them and second you all see the detail and love that has to have been put into this.  Well I tell you right now that as I was opening this box a total surprise came out as well as tears as I unpacked this amazing bowl!  I have been drooling ooggling admiring these ever since I first saw them.  They are magic!  Really they are!  You stare into this for a bit and you can't help but feel sunshine thoughts!  And we so need some sunshine soon!  And those beads  OH OH OH!  Well with a package like this there was only one thing to do....I immediately sent her an e-mail that she must call me ASAP!!!!!!
I could tell by her voice that she was a little worried but calmed right down as soon as I started spouting the mushy gushy Thank Yous at her.  Yes I am mushy gushy you all should know that by now!  What a wonderful friend I have made and it was even better to be able to show her voice to voice how I really felt!  Oh Yes my friend it won't be the last time we talk unless you have one of those "What was I thinking" moments when you get my package.  LOL  I could so go on and on and on but what I want all of you to do is visit EB Bead and Metalworks right now (seriously right now you do not need to read any further!)  they have not only great one of a kind creations but a really awesome blog (OH and when Beth posts her flower pictures you could almost smell them...don't try it though I got a few bumps from it)  Oh and I suppose I should also tell you that she has a BLOGOVERSARY (YIPPIE) coming up and she will be having a giveaway too.  I so want more so if you don't want to enter it is perfectly fine with me!  LOL


Hugs and Blessing


  1. Kristen - your enthusiasm really makes me smile!!! Those beads are GORGEOUS! I'm glad you are having such a fantastic week!

  2. Hey Kristen, Merry Christmas.
    Your happiness is just bubbling and I am so happy that you are happy. You sell yourself short and you better just STOP that!!

  3. I love Beth's creations too. One of her Kokopelis inspired a whole necklace and bracelet full of polymer beads that still amaze me . Powerful energy!

  4. You are a crack up sweets! I love your enthusism. Your posts make me smile..You are joy itself!

  5. Your excitement is coming right through the computer screen. So glad you had a great "swap"

  6. What wonderful swap gifts! Your enthusiasm is contagious--I always feed so uplifted after visiting here!


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