Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Abouts...A Review.

Last Saturday I met a wonderful woman while attending a Knighthawks game (Lacrosse) which she and her partner had given us their extra tickets.  They have done this many times over the years but there never seemed to be an opportunity (or the time wasn't right) to talk.  Well talk we did (the entire game) the three of us (my sweet Shelby too) and WOW an instant friendship.  It also happens that she is an author of an amazing and inspiring book.  Love-Abouts.  Let me introduce you to Mary Beth Egeling and her book.

I went to her book signing yesterday and purchased my very own copy and last night I read it.  OMG let me tell you this is a sweet little read that will totally inspire you to make deeper connections with your family and yourself.  It is instructional but at the same time you feel like "Hey why didn't I think of that it is sooooo simple!"  Now I need to tell you the simplicity of it does still require some work but I have already implemented it with Derek (Shelby was resistant because she thinks it's just me being mushy) but the payoff is amazing.  I do not want to attempt to explain how it works other than it is making sure you and your family verbalize what you love about them today.  Her steps are easy with one major exception for me but it is the one that I need to do the most to insure that my kids grow feeling that they are important.  This hard part is saying out loud what you love about yourself today.  Now I have to tell you that Mary Beth and I are kindred spirits and we both grew up with focus being more on the negative things and not alot of focus on what went right so generally it is much easier for us to praise our children to give them a boost but so much harder to give ourselves that boost.  This will be the part I focus on and make sure Shelby focuses on.  While it is so much easier to tell each other what we love it is so much harder to speak out loud something we love about ourselves.   What a book and What a concept.  There is also a couples section so I would like you all to check this out and get one for yourself.  Simple and Effective steps to making sure you and your family are connected and that each evening, no matter how bad your day was you can all make sure your love is last and loudest thing your family hears before the day is put to rest.

Thanks so much Mary Beth I love this book!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Hi Kristen
    At 59 I am still trying to overcome an abusive childhood so I can totally relate to the difficulty of Thinking what I like about myself, let alone saying it OUTLOUD. Who do you say it to? another person or the Universe. Either way, its purposeful. Its a great concept and one that I have to mentally remind myself of often.

  2. That is also something I struggle with. Not the letting your family know...there is plenty of that going on...but acknowledging my own strength and worth. I just never really think about it.


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