Wednesday, February 9, 2011

These are so under lock and key now!!!!!

So I have nothing new to show for BTW but I thought I would give my fellow Bead Ninja's a bit of eye candy to satisfy them (before viewing please have chocolate ready as to stem off the monster)
This is a picture of my seed bead stash on the start of this year....

Yes it is organized but hey it wasn't that hard as you can see!  Well I did win (yes I know your jealous but I really don't have any idea why I have been so lucky) this from Juli @ Julsbeads remember? (OH AND she is having a giveaway now too!)

And....I got this gorgeous set from Lori @ Out of the Flames

So first I want to send the biggest hugest hugs to both of these gals for being the friends that they are ( you have both helped me more that I could possibly express...OK maybe I could but it would be too mushy and you would all be on sugar overload by the time I finished sooo) Here is what my stash of seedy goodness looks like today.....

These are now under lock, key and armed guard (oh she may be limping now but she is 17lbs of furry fury for sure)  As I am well aware that there are 2 very special women who are contemplating hopping in the car and stalking me (coffee is waiting).

Oh and I need to tell you all I am getting used to the meds and you have all been so great.  Also because my sweet hubby has put new software on my computer I am unable to send emails until he fixes it.  I can receive them but not reply and that is also causing an issue with those blogs that require e-mail address in comment section.  So Jeannie I love the branches and Emma I loved your bead tray today.  (if you read either of their blogs please let them know)

Hugs and Blessings


  1. I am so jealous of how organized you are!

  2. I am with Marcie about the organization. You want to come do our beady stash? Take care and have a great week!

  3. I think I would get little done with a stash like that! It is so pretty, I would just want to look at it!!! I am so glad that you are feeling better, too!

  4. Yay! I am so glad you are feeling back to normal..Your beady stash has grown so much! I love it. Give Shelby a Birthday hug for me!!

  5. I am holding out my hand asking you to rub it a little so maybe some of your extraordinary luck on winning these things will rub off on me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seed beads and am now attempting to amass a collection of all sizes in all colors. HA! I wish.
    Love the photos!

  6. What a fabulous stash! There's nothing like seeing all of your beads in one place to get inspired. Although it's tempting to try and use them all at once!

  7. Sooo lovely ! If your stash keeps growing at this rate, it will soon need a room of its own. :)


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