Thursday, April 28, 2011

So do I call it a Pattern or Blog Review? Okay Both! The Bead Mavens

Let me set the scene for you.  You all know that I am not good with deadlines but I have had one looming for a while that I just couldn't find the inspiration for.  Shelby is going to the prom again and she loved her dress from last year so much she has decided to wear it again.  (He father was thrilled as if anyone has bought prom dresses you know how expensive they can be.  LOL)  Here is what my girl looked like last year...

Isn't she just stunning?  You do not have to answer because she is.  Anyway I have cranberry beads to match it but the pattern or inspiration just didn't appear.  Until last Friday.  Bam it smacked me right in the head.  Checking blogs last Friday I see the Bead Mavens have posted.  Now if you are not familiar with them you need to check them out AFTER you finish reading this post.  Let me tell you about them though.  This blog is made up of a group of seed bead artists that are so supportive and kind.  They say they are on hiatus right now but they have been posting beginner tutorials on stitches each week and on Friday they post a complete tutorial for you to test out the stitches. If that is hiatus I can't wait to see what's in store for us when they come back!  I came across them when they first posted back in October and I was hooked.  In the beginning I was a bit overwhelmed by their talent and works but they seemed to break down alot of information that just wasn't out there for a self-taught newbie like me.  I have also been lucky enough to connect with them in FB.  What a great group of artists (although I haven't had the pleasure to meet Peter yet) and you what to know something?  They love to encourage newbies.  They offer support advice and friendship!  How awesome is that?
So back to the pattern part of this post.  Well Mikki posted Tubular Herringbone with Bugles on Friday as I said and OMG!  What a pattern.  I have the pleasure of owning one of her patterns that I will review when I finish it (I made a mistake so I had to frog it...yuck) but this one is perfect for Shelby.  It is very elegant and sparkly.  Now you know I have limited stash so I had to change some of the beads but the basic pattern still works and again is outstanding.  I have found with Mikki's patterns she lays everything out and I mean everything.  She will tell you if it twists, how and when to knot, where and when to add beads for sizing.  Everything!  I see from the way she writes and creates she not only wants you to purchase a pattern because you like it but that she wants you to succeed at making it.  How totally cool is that?  I am adding a couple of questions to my reviews that I think we all ask ourselves to help you decide if they are right for you.......

1.  Can a beginner try this one?  Oh yeah Baby!

2.  Do you have to have all the exact same bead sizes?  Not a little change here and there works just fine!

3.  Is it worth the money?  If this one was for sale Yes Yes Yes!

If there are any other questions you think I should be attaching to these reviews of mine please let me know.

Oh so I bet you want to see what all the rave is about huh?  Well here is what I made for Shelby and let me tell you if I had enough beads and time I think I would have also incorporated it into a necklace.  I also think I will be making a set in green and gold sometime soon.

Well thanks so much for reading this one and I should also tell you that the reviews I have done up to this point have been totally unsolicited and all my opinion, but hey this is my blog and that's that!  LOL

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Gorgeous! Both Shelby and the bracelet. Another great review!

  2. I can see why Shelby wants to wear that dress again--she looks stunning! Love the bracelet and the reviews!

  3. How about calling it a Blog Pattern Review! LOL Shelby is adorable... all grown up (wipe tear from corner of eye).

    Kristen, I love that cranberry color! So juicy and elegant. Love this bracelet! She's going to be the belle of the ball!

  4. Wow, I can't believe a year has gone by already...I remember seeing your gorgeous Shelby in that dress last prom! I would be wearing it again too, it is soooo stunning!

    Love the bracelet, matches the dress perfectly :-D Don't forget to post a photo of Shelby again this year when she is all dressed up in her beautiful gown and bracelet!


  5. Hi Kristen, Your daughter is absolutely lovely so is your bracelet. I saw the pattern on the Bead Mavens blog, you did a really good job with it.

  6. First of all: Shelby is lovely and her dress is beautiful. But what a cool girl she must be to choose to wear the dress again b/c she loves it (and it looks so so good on her) rather than getting a new one just b/c that's what people do. I'm very impressed by that! And I love this bracelet. It's on my to-do list, too. I hope mine is half as good as yours!!!

  7. Your daughters beautiful! What a Love she must be Kristen. The bracelets a beauty! I know you are so proud of her..there are nothing like Daughters. Mine never got to go to the prom and today she probably wished she had. xxx


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