Monday, May 23, 2011

Silence is not always golden!

Okay so I have been a bit silent lately about life.  I am still here in my comic life although at times it is much less comical than I would like.  I have gone off the ADD med because it had way too many side effects that were just plain crappy.  The first was that I wasn't able to relax enough to enjoy the days or write with any type of feeling.  The second was the shaking of my hands.  Yuck for a beader for sure.  So the up side of stopping is that I'M BACK! I am able to reconnect with my thoughts and feelings, I am getting back to being able to reads AND comment on all of your lovely blogs, my creative sparks are back and as you can see I am back to myself in my posts again.  The down side is that I am able to reconnect with my thoughts and feelings (ain't that always a double edged sword).  I will give you a bit of a glimpse of why this is a true statement.  Yesterday we went to Walmart and I went to look for Capri's.  Well no luck so I went to look for my family.  2 times around the store, heart pumping 300 beats a second because I couldn't find them and there I was standing in the long front isle looking (lets face it frantically scanning the crowd) for them.  When I finally spotted Shelby I almost broke down in tears.  When I finally got to my hubby he knew something was wrong before I even said anything.  I swore right then I would never leave them in a store again.  Pathetic right?  Well I have been told that part of my issues are totally normal for the upcoming changes in my life and that I will not only survive them there will also be pluses. 

Now that I have babbled once again about my corner of the world let me give you a bit of beady goodness.  I finally figured out how to put the matching bracelet to "Dialed up" together with the exception of the clasp.  I know of a perfect tutorial that should be coming out soon for a perfect beaded clasp. ( I tried to grab the picture but it didn't work.) So here is "Dialed In"
Once again I am so pleased to have been a part of the Artbeads Design Team it really gets me in the best of creative moods.

I have also been finishing a couple of projects that I will review this week if all goes according to plan and I have been given another tutorial to review (oh where was she when I started beading) that any and all beginners should buy.

So all in all this is a post to say "I'm Back" and overall glad of it!
Hugs and Blessings


  1. Glad you are back and I love the bracelet. The clasp will come to you.

  2. Welcome back Kristen!

    I lost my husband at Walmart on Sunday. Also did two laps around the store. Also was in a panic because I didn't know if he was inside, outside, etc. (and my cellphone was in his pocket, so I couldn't even call and find him).

    I love love LOVE the bracelet!

  3. Good to see you back here, Kristen. I always loose my teenaged daughter in Walmart. She thinks all we have to do is shop all day. I wig out like a Raving Lunatic when I do find her. Love the bracelet. Gorgeous work as usual. Cant wait to see clasp.

  4. The bracelet is gorgeous--the colors play so well together!

    I had a similar experience in the Mall with my daughter--couldn't find her, tried to call and she didn't answer--talk about panic! We (I)just had mixed up where we were to meet.


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