Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Silly Life! - BTW umm I mean Thursday!

Okay so you all know I have had my ups and downs lately.  Oh but first I want to thank everyone for sending Sally your good thoughts and wishes.  I love her friendship so much and I hope this is the fix she needs to feel better.  Anyway I have quite a few things to tell you but first let me show you just how back to me I am.  This is my bead tray(s) with everything (well maybe not everything cuz that may just take up a billboard or two) and it will show that I have been busy but completing has been a big issue lately.  There are also a few repairs that need to be made and an inspiration or two just to keep me thinkin. (a little bit of Juls to rev the juices and a little bit of Beth to boost my creativity) *bouncing in my chair trying to remember the actual word to the song*
I left my silly feet in the picture because well that's just me!

As you can see my sweet and fun ADD seems to be back and frankly I missed it!  It can drive me a bit crazy at times but ya know what?  It is the fun of me!  This month is going to be a crazy one so I may only get to post a couple more Reviews but I plan on getting back in touch with my friends and keeping up with your blogs as much as possible.  Here's whats in store for our family in the next few weeks.

4 Field trips with Preschool
Senior Awards night
Senior Bash prep (yes I did join in this and so far have not regretted it)
Fathers Day
Preschool Graduation
Sweet Derek's Birthday
Senior Show and Bash night
My sweet Shelby's Graduation
The Party
Prep for Summer College course.

I know there are probably others and I hope that I don't miss any due to my calendar issues which bit me again this week when I e-mailed Derek's teacher that he was sick and wouldn't make the field trip only to discover that it is not until next week.  DUH!
Here are a few thank yous that are long over due!

Thank you so much for waiting patiently for me to get back to myself and I promise not to let that happen again.
Sally, Dawn, and Juls
Thanks for answering your phones and listening to me in all my craziness.  You girls Rock!
Let me tell you she has warmed my heart with the thought and love she put into helping Shelby with her Senior paper.  Check out her three part interview she did with Shelby!  Words can not express my gratitude!

Oh wow I have talked too much and now I need to hurry up and take a shower!  I hope you all are doing well and I will update you when I can about more craziness that is me.  If you still like me of course!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Your bead table looks much more organized than mine! ;) Glad you are feeling better. June looks like a busy month!!

  2. I tell ya if theres One Blog that is Always Sweet its yours! You are Cupcake sweet and I mean that too! Wow lots of great things in store, and that makes for such happiness...xoxoxoxo

  3. Just found your blog through a link on Missfickle's site. You have a great site here! Love the post. Sounds like your month (and your bead table) is as hectic as mine! Just know that as long as you are alive each morning, (and you make sure to put some clothes on), it will all work out in the end! LOL ~ Cindy Lietz

  4. Hey there, Glad to see you are keeping busy. That there is a lot of pretty stuff on your bead trays. -Debbie

  5. You sound more like yourself! What a busy month you have coming up--just remember to enjoy and savor every one of those precious moments!

  6. Wow-- You have a Lot of things on that calender. Your trays are filled with some Beauties as well- Do You ever sleep? LOL!

  7. You know I love me some KK! So glad you are feeling back to yourself, and you call me any time.

    There are some serious beauties on that tray!



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