Monday, July 11, 2011

What happens at the Woodcliff stays at the Woodcliff!

Well sort of.  This is to tell you all that "Mama got out" again.  The last time that happened was well this post.  Yes it was back in September.  What a great night.  My sweet hubby and I were lucky to be invited to the Wedding of a friend of his at work and I am so glad we were.  Due to babysitting issues he went to the wedding and then we both went to the reception.  And what an awesome reception it was!  A wonderful open bar on the outdoor pool patio.  Yep open and boy did those cranberry/vodka drinks go down smooth!  One of the best parts other than celebrating the start of a great marriage was that I was able to hang with my girl Mel and her friend.  She not only makes me feel so good and part of the group she likes to hang with an old fart like me.  Seriously I could be her mother y'all!  We ate awesome snacks, drank, drank and chatted up a storm.  They had us in a table in the corner but we were far from unnoticed (although they put Mel at another table, but that so didn't stop us!).  My husband works with such a great group of people and well lets just say we took over the dance floor and everything else as I said in the title "stays at the Woodcliff"! Although I will tell you one more thing.  My hubby has a good friend who is Irish and he wore his kilt!  That is so cool!
Anyway Thanks baby for a rockin night and "G" we so need to do this more often!

Well that's it for now other than one last reminder to all of us who get out as often as I do.....I takes a lot longer to recover than it used to!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. LOL- Sounds like you had a great time! What fun! Need to get out more often.Hugz!

  2. Cool!
    My best friend ever was 20 years older than me. She was taken by cancer and I dearly miss her. We had great times. Glad you got out. I never do that anymore. I'm not an old fart, my fun friends are just ..gone.
    xx, Carol

  3. Sounds like an awesome time girl! I hear you about the longer recovery times now :) You take care and I am glad you had fun!!!!

  4. Hey Ms. Sassy Knickers... where's the photos? Curious which jewelry you picked.... so spill girl!


  5. This made me want to be there too that night! What a lovely place and time you described. LOL I love the title and how you wrote "Stays in Woodcliff"!! HAHA superb!

  6. Sounds like wonderful fun! It's good for the soul to let it all hang out sometimes!

  7. Oh yeah yeah we never get out either - I am mostly a home body anyway but it would be nice once in awhile! Sounds like you had a good enough time for me too!

  8. Sounds like you had fun and we all need to get out, let our hair down and just enjoy life. Helps to keep us happy, healthy and sane.

    Oh ya gotta watch out for those cranberry vodka drinks, they do go down smoothly.


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