Monday, September 19, 2011

Pattern Review - NEDbeads

You know what I have learned?  First not to start a beading project with emotional stress, Second make sure when you print a pattern you are not running low on ink so that you are unable to see the pictures clearly, Third there is a difference in beads and cheap is not good!  When I got past those three things I truly loved this pattern so much that I have made a second (for a contest no less) and have plans for a third.  
NEDbeads is the home of Nancy Dale and all her awesomeness.  She is the most amazing beader and once again I have been lucky enough to stumble upon not only a women with the kindest heart but a budding friendship.  Her Trellis Pattern is truly phenomenal!  It is a large pattern but with that I can assure you that every little detail is covered and the only way you won't succeed is if you are in the earlier state I mentioned.  It is extremely adaptable too.  Here is the first project I started not only using her pattern but a grouping of beads she sent me for a pick me up.

See those gorgeous netting beads...Yeah they are AWFUL!!!!!  Totally uneven and have really sent me into a tizzy!  BUT they are the perfect color for this chain so as you can see I have trudged on.  I had to eliminate some of the steps in the tutorial because of it but I think it is looking gorgeous.  AND yes those are Juli's of Julsbeads.  I love them!!!!  I will be working on this one for the next few nights if I don't throw them tiny little evil beads across the room!

This is the second necklace I have made for the Maven Meld.  Yes I have sent the picture to them and although I have kept it simple I truly love this piece!  That's all that matters right?

See how it matches Guinevere?  I love love love this pairing!!!

Please also take a peek at the gorgeous Lila earring tutorial of Nancys which I would have been able to show you if I had bought the right chatons!

Hugs and Blessings



  1. Thank you so much for the glowing review and the lovely compliments, lady! I absolutely LOVE what you created, and I;m thrilled that you were able to enjoy it, finally! :) HUGE hugs!!

  2. Kristen you enabler you! Now, of course, I'm going to have to get Nancy's pattern. I didn't before b/c I figured I could NEVER do anything so fabulous and intricate. Now I just want to try. I love how you combined this with Juls's beads! And I LOVE your Maven Meld. I can't imagine why you think you couldn't win it. You TOTALLY could!!! Good luck! And gorgeous work!

  3. Kristen - ALL those pieces are spectacular!!! I really, really, really, really (did I say really?) LOVE your Maven Meld piece. You get my vote!!!!

  4. Heavens girl, they are both stunning! Totally love Juls beads anyway, and the fact that you added them to the it!!

  5. Yes,you are 100% right - emotional stress will kill the inspiration! Love your work.

  6. Kristen,
    I enjoyed your review & the finished products. And I am not a beader/beadweaver/weedbeaver. LOL. Your humor and honesty shine through! ((hugs))

  7. Your first piece looks great with Juls' focal... love it and the colours are just gorgeous together.

    Loving the second necklace too - beautiful - and you are right, the necklace matches Guinevere perfectly! Let me know where you get your chatons from as they are very hard to find here in Oz!

    Karyn ♥

  8. I had to laugh at your list of difficulties thinking 'yep, been there, done that'.

    Both necklaces look great from your pictures. But I can appreciate your problems with the uneven beads. If they have reasonably large beading holes and they're colorfast, they would work well for freeform work. But they'll cause problems in any counted designs.

  9. Kristen, not sure how I missed this post ... I'll have to check and see if somehow your blog isn't showing up on my blog roll on my blog ... know that I had put it on the list but haven't seen it in my sidebar lately.

    This necklace is nothing short of amazing and I adore the color combinations you've used, It is truly a stunning piece. I will have to check out NEDBeads as this is a very versatile and adaptable pattern that needs to be in MY collection. :)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    Your beadwork and your words are just amazing. You're right - the trellis rope is great to make up and so well written... it's no wonder we both decided to use it for our Meld pieces! I wish you good luck...


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