Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vanishing Pearl: Fan Page Giveaway!

Vanishing Pearl: Fan Page Giveaway!: After much deliberating, I have decided to give away a piece of jewelry for my 150 Facebook fan page celebration. I am at 144 likes right no...

Now I tell you all this because I think this girl is awesome! She did a spectacular destash in OTTBS a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to tell you all about it... Shame on me! This is what I was lucky enough to receive.  (with a little help from a dear granny pants wearing friend!)
Also I have to tell you I am so going to try and make this!

You all know I love using hardware so this is so totally up my ally!  She posted the tutorial on her blog here. Tamara is not only generous but incredibly sweet and even though I am old enough (just) to be her mother her beading skills are beyond her years.  Please stop by and check her out!

On a much more personal note I have to tell you that my sweet Buddy has started Kindergarten!

Ain't he just the cutest!  I am having a bit of a time getting used to all the changes going on here with my sweet girl in College and Buddy in school now and I have been volunteering during lunch at his school (boy those little ones can keep you hoppin) so changing up my routine is also a big adjustment.  Hey why is it that when the kids go off to school everyone thinks you have so much more time on your hands?  There is still all the housework to do.  I have also been working on the most gorgeous Trellis Rope with the WORST 15's I have ever purchased!  I would scrap them but the color is perfect so I am struggling with it.  We will have to see how it works because I will tell you right now the pattern is sooooooo not the problem.  Anyway that is a glimpse into my craziness at the moment.  Stay tuned because tomorrow...YES tomorrow I will be posting a great review on another pattern I have completed!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Awww, completely love the beads and your photo of Derek is adorable! What a cutie! And mom... that means you get more time to bead - Squeeeee!!! :o)

    Hope your day is magical! {Hugs!}

  2. Hey dear, have you gotten any of the Tulip needles? They are really, really awesome for those pesky 15s. That's a pretty cool stash you got!

  3. What a cutie pie! We took photos/videos of our daughter ever year on the first day of school. It was so funny as she got older to see her roll her eyes as her Dad asked about her teachers & classes!

  4. Aw-- He looks so handsome headed off for his first day...Are there good 15/0's...? I cant see em so you couldn't prove it by me...LOL!

  5. 150 likers - that's awesome! Your blog is growing too - I can still remember joining your page when you had not long set it up!

    What brand of 15/0's are you using for them to be the worst? I have never had any issues with any of mine...oh hang on yes I did buy one pack which I think were supposed to be Matsuno and half of them were chipped. I have to admit I am loving charlottes at the moment.. using them in the bracelet I am working on and they are so nice...the site I buy from doesn't have a huge colour range - in fact I haven't found many colours anywhere.

    If you are up for more challenges drop into my blog as I am hoping to set up a beading group (sorry for the self promotion!).


  6. Woot woot! For the granny pants gal! Tamara's washers are easy and fun to make, and at 23 and self taught, she is totally amazing!

  7. Thank you Kristen (and Mandy) for the confidence boost! Use the beads lovingly and get started on the tutorial. I am hoping to have the second half completed and for sale within a few weeks. (My goal for next year is to make a tutorial a week for 2012, a condensed version of the 365 challenge.)

    Your son will do just fine. *hugs*

  8. Iwas just saying this same thing!!! We just had a hurricane - lost power for 5 days, missed the start of school,started school, produced 30 loads of laundry, got a tropical storm, kept the basement from filling with water, went to 4 class orientations and scrubbed the house from top to bottom in the last 2 husband asked me how I was enjoying my free time...I almost hit him with a frying pan.


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