Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club - January

First I need to tell you that I have been struggling with "my word" for the new year.  Nothing seemed to fit.  I still want to grow in my beading but I wanted another challenge, then it totally smacked me in the face when one of my dear friends sent me an e-mail telling me about Jeannie's challange.  PURSUE!  Most of the time when someone suggests that I look into something I do just that, look into it.  No more.  This year I want to pursue it until it's end and see what happens.  I did just that.  Nerves on the very brink I contacted Jeannie and asked if I could be considered.  Any you know what?  Well yes I know I wouldn't be posting this unless she actually said not only yes but showed so much excitement in my participation.  I went over to her site Jewelry by Jeannie and checked out what she was offering.

Well you know I fell in love with these gorgeous blossoms!  So I told her my choice and waited for it to arrive.  I ACTUALLY thought I had a plan in mind and would jump right in when it came.  HA!  I should have known better (and actually check the size of the blossom)  It came and at first I of course new it was so much bigger than I am used to using.  Hello Seed Beader Here!  But that lasted only about 2.2 seconds because this is GORGEOUS!!!!  Her workmanship is outstanding, her color choices and blending is impeccable and to be totally frank I am in total love with this pendant!  In fact I loved it so much and the inspiration flowed so fast I forgot to take a picture of it on it's own.

Yes I did choose Denim.  I love denim and I don't think you can ever have enough denim!

So as you can see the first part came together so quickly I thought I would have this done in no time.  HA!  Again! Nope remember that I am still using my stash so the beads in the first sparkly wheels yeah not enough to make another set the same size.  What to do?  Hey make some smaller ones.  K that works.  So here is my progression into what I have now called "Denim Blossom"

Now you probably thought that was all Right?  Nope!  Here is a list of the other participants (and since I am writing this yesterday I can't wait to see them either)  So check them all out and if you are looking for an awesome statement pendant hop on over to Jewelry by Jeannie and pick one of these up for yourself!

Cindy Cima Edwards

Hugs and Blessings


Ps If anyone is wondering why I have not responded or checked out many of your blogs as of late I am currently only able to sit down here for short periods of time due to the fact that I have to keep my hurt foot elevated.  I will get it looked at and hopefully (I know I keep saying that) get caught up soon.


  1. Oh my goodness, Jeannie's beads are gorgeous. Really like colors and am amazed at your skills with your stash! You rocked it again Sista. Bead on.

  2. Your necklace is sooo beautiful, Kristen!!! I just love it and love what you did with your stash.
    Hope your foot is better soon.

  3. Kristen, you make me want to hug and squish you.

    This is a masterpiece and should be on masterpiece theater-the jewelry version.

    I admire those of you that can spin tiny beads into works of art.

    Love the name you gave your necklace.

    Thank you creating such beauty.

  4. Beautiful, but I was fully expecting that from you!
    I love your wheels, I don't know how you do it.
    Shannon C

  5. Oh my this is amazing!! My jaw dropped when I saw it! My hat's off to you with those seed beads - I don't know how you do it! The colors are beautiful as well - lovely, lovely piece!!

  6. Oh, Kristen! You've done it again. This is just really beautiful and such a smart way to set off the focal. Your design sense is impeccable -- love the wheels and how they complement the focal and love the big silver rings, too! This is gorgeous, girlfriend!

  7. Beautiful job on the necklace! I think denim is a fabulous color. Didn't know about your foot--healing thoughts coming your way!

  8. That is one elegant design, Miss Kristen! I love the way your shapes echo (pun intended) the pendant. I love Miss Jeannie and I think that her club is fantastic. And I am glad that you jumped in. You are talented and you should let that talent out to the world. Get ready to shine this year, my friend!
    Enjoy the day!

  9. Kristen, your necklace is stunning! I love the beaded circles, a girl can never have too many sparklies! Sparklies and Denim, perfection. :)

    Take care of your foot.

  10. Oh. My. Goodness! You totally hit this design challenge on the head! As a newbie to seed beading, I am always blown away by the creativity of seed beaders, and you, my friend, have talent overflowing! Your design is amazing, and the colors and design work perfectly with Jeannie's Gin Blossom. Beautiful!

  11. Take my breath away beautiful!!! I'd like to buy a vowel because this necklace leaves me speechless Kristen! It's just gorgeous!

  12. Fantastic job! The colors are gorgeous, the seed beading wonderful, balance amazing!

  13. Gorgeous work Kristen... I absolutely adore your necklace...the different beaded components you created work beautifully together and I love the denim colour! A beautiful way to compliment that gorgeous focal.


  14. Holy smokes! Perfect match for the Gin Blossom!

  15. Way to go, my friend! This is such a statement piece. It just commands attention, but the color keeps it totally wearable. Your design is spot on. You need to be very proud of yourself!

  16. It is Perfection ! The color combo is gorgeous and the focal pendant is amazing but more amazing is how you incorporated it all together to create a masterpiece of a necklace.

  17. STUNNING!!! I am in love with this necklace! I'd say more, but I'm speechless. =D

  18. Very, very nice! Jeanie's focal is lovely, but what you did with it is gorgeous! I love how you combined the seed bead and silver links!


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