Thursday, May 31, 2012

Challenge of Literature

Welcome to my little corner of the Challenge of Literature hosted by the amazingly sweet, creative and well just down right awesome Erin of Treasures Found!

I was very disappointed in myself that until yesterday (well actually today because that is when I am writing this) I hadn't signed up.  I have participated in every one of Erin's challenges (here, here, and here.) so not to be in this one was lingering in the back of my mine as a failure on my part.  I had so much going on that I totally thought this was out of the question.  HA  It must have been closer to the front of my mind than I had thought. So I contacted Erin and asked (more likely begged) to be included!  Whew I told you she was sweet right!

Last week I had this idea pop into my head and it needed to be tried in beads as soon as I could because the picture was so clear.  As I made the pendant and started seeing how it would look on the chain it struck me.  "Eragon" 

"Eragon" written by Christopher Paolini is a young adult book I read with my daughter when it first came out.  It is about a young man who is destined to find a very very special egg.  In this glorious egg is a dragon.  Yes I do love dragons.  His dragons name....Saphira.  The twist and turns in this fantastical journey kept Shelby and I enthralled for weeks as we read a chapter at a time each evening.  This is also the last of the books we shared together each evening.  Bittersweet memories surround each memory of Eragon and Saphira's story.  

As my piece began taking shape I saw it.  The name fit perfectly.  I saw all the memories, began rereading the story in my mind.  Bittersweet....sadness.....happiness....."Saphira's Tear"  

All the happy and sad wrapped in one.  In the chain I created I see dragon scales and the pendant well I have to tell you I see it all.  What a dragon's tear would look like flowing from those dark eyes along the iridescent scales of her face.  I see all the happy memories of the times Shelby and I shared and the little twinge of sadness that they are gone.

Also I have to tell you that it works amazingly with my version of Nancy Dale of NEDbeads Runway tutorial?  Yes I think so.  If you have ever wanted to try twin beads or have some on hand you should so get this awesome tutorial.  Very easy to follow instructions and a relaxing piece to make.  It has sparked so many ideas for me!  A 1,000,000,000 star recommendation from me!!!!

Thank you so much and please visit everyone to see how they interpreted their pieces.
I am linking you back to Erin for the complete list of participants.

Thank you Erin with all my heart for always inspiring me!

Hugs and Blessings

Oh a total PS!  I have done it my friends I have opened my very own ETSY Shop!
Introducing.......You guessed it.....Beadwork by KAS!


  1. Oh my gosh girl - the pieces are gorgeous! I love how you interpreted the tear into the necklace - Stunning work!!!!
    P.S. - so happy for you about opening your Etsy store :)

  2. Gorgeous!!!!!! I love your necklace, and the tear is glorious! I love how you've woven the story through the piece. Fabulous work!! Congratulations again on your new shop, lady!!!

  3. Your pieces are gorgeous, Kristen. I haven't read Eragon, but my daughter has and so I'm slightly familiar with the story. This is beautiful! Congratulations on the new Etsy store. I hope you have great success with it!

  4. Gorgeous work to go with a gorgeous story! Love it! You are very talented! Congrats on your Etsy store!

  5. Very cool - I love those colors! :)

  6. Kristen,
    I'm picking my jaw up off of the floor! Your necklace is gorgeous! I wish I had half of the talent you have in your little finger. You are amazing! The bracelet is beautiful too! I have not worked with twins, but I have been wanting to and this tutorial will be the perfect start.
    Congratulations on opening your shop I will be sure to favorite it.

  7. Thats a lovely piece! I have read the Eragon series - and I like the way your bead work does bring to mind dragon scales. At least to me...

  8. What a touching story and poignant work. I totally see the dragon scales, the texture is really so interesting.

  9. Again, I am blown away by what you do to those beads to make them behave like that. You are the 'seed bead whisperer' fo' sho, Miss Kristen! So glad that you joined us. I have not read this but it is intriguing to me. I love the way it moved you and Shelby and that it will always be a memory you share. Thank you for playing with me in this Challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

  10. Holy Moly girl!!! I just don't have words for how awesome this is...really. I love that book, and I love being able to see the story in necklace. You did a stunning job, and you know how excited I am about your shop!!!

  11. I loved that series (I love dragons too) and your necklace is just beautiful. I totally get the dragon scales and the colors are wonderful. Beautiful!

  12. Kristen, I can't stop looking at this Set. The colors, the texture, the shape, they are all speaking to me. It's just stunning and exudes a really strong emotion in my creative heart. A true work of art dear friend! Hope you are having a marvelous weekend!

  13. A lovely necklace and it really does invoke Saphira's tears! I'm glad it brings back happy memories.

  14. Kristen - this necklace is FANTASTIC! I loved Eragon and I think this it's a perfect interpretation for Saphira! Bravo - and congrats on the Etsy shop!


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