Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Echo Creative Club - July

Jeannie sent me this amazing piece for this months challenge.  It was a truly inspiring piece to be sure. What do you see?
Jeannie's Diatoms.  The pic will take you right to em!

I pondered as I looked at it.  I held it to feel the texture.  I let my mind go where ever this pendant inspired.  I saw a beautiful ocean scene.  I felt the water all around me and looked into the reef.  I dared to look deeper but something caught my eye....a shard of coral left behind on the sandy bottom, the sunlight streaming in from above.  what a beautiful scene in my mind.  

So peaceful.  

So serene.  

So beautiful.

I knew with my new love of bead embroidery that I wanted to make a simple yet honored piece because of that beautiful scene.  I needed that in the rush and craziness that life has brought lately. 

Simple and yet.....not

Sparkly and yet.....not

Sweet and yet....not

I have not yet named it because all that this pendant has given me is beyond words.  

Now don't get to comfy with my philosophical side.  Nope you know me there has to be more to the story.  Yep there is.  I wanted to try a new stitch and have the perfect book ( I will review soon ) to help me with that.  I thought I could stretch my little 15's but you know what?  You can not stretch them or make them more than they are.  So I had to scrap the chain idea but instead I totally love this matching bracelet that came from playing with the chevron stitch!

Yes I may just be the MacGyver of beadweaving and some have called me the "seed bead whisperer" but no I can not make them stretch for me!

Please make sure to visit all the ECC members But you will have to go to Jeannie's blog for the list as I have lost that e-mail and you all know I am writing this at the last minute.  LOL

Hugs and Blessings


  1. They are both gorgeous!! I love how you adorned that pendant!!

  2. Holy Cow! That is truly amazing! I cannot even begin to imagine myself creating such a beautiful...and wearable...piece of art! Both pieces are truly lovely!

  3. You did a fantastic job with the pendant, my friend. I love how versatile it is, that it can totally be a jeans and tshirt piece, or the star of the show in a cocktail dress for date night! And yes, MacGyver you are!!!

  4. Both pieces are lovely! The colors make me happy looking at them - super !

  5. Oh my! Love the pendant, love the colors, love both of the designs. I could just live in that bracelet! You've done magic!

  6. If it weren't for the last minute in my life, nothing would ever get done! I love that you had a happy accident (you should join that new Happy Accident group on FB...) The color and texture on that is certainly a beauty if not a challenge. I like the story that arose from it and the way you pulled it all together. Enjoy the day, Miss Kristen! Erin

  7. Love, love, love, what you did with the pendant! Your bead embroidery is fantastic!
    The bracelet is terrific as well!

  8. These pieces are so pretty. Coral is one of my favorite shades especially with silver. Very summery.
    xx, Carol

  9. Hi Kristen,
    I love your necklace, pendant, and bracelet they are beautiful! I like the title Bead Whisperer for you, you do have a way with the beads.

  10. WOW! I can't even imagine how long that took to make. Your creativity is amazing. I would not have known what to do what that bead and you made such an amazing necklace.

  11. Lol! The Bead Whisperer! I so sympathize with you on the beads that simply won't stretch to fill your requirements! Great use of available resources. :)

    But I want to see the back of your pendant too! Very nice!

  12. Your inspiration for this piece sounds like a beautiful poem. I know that you made this piece from the heart because of I read here.

    I keep looking at the beadwork around the Diatom and there are so many layers. I can't stop shaking my head.

    You left the sweetest comment on my blog. You're one special lady and a bright spot in my day today.

    I don't understand beadwork, but I KNOW I love that bracelet. Like I said, the orange beads look like they're floating. xo

  13. What a beautiful piece!! I love Jeannie's pendant - her work is truly amazing. You definitely did it justice - I love the beadwork around and the necklace. Very, very talented. I am in awe.

  14. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love this!!! They are both delightful!

  15. Gorgeous as always. Your imagination and creativity leave me speechless.

  16. You did a beautiful job with this pendant - it's just gorgeous!!!!

  17. Very pretty! I love your work!


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