Friday, August 24, 2012

Echo Creative Club - August

Okay my friends this should prove to be a very interesting post as I am currently drinking a dayquil/nyquil cocktail.  Yes I believe I have the BeadFest Flu.  Oh but even with how crappy I feel it was so worth it!

So here we are again it is reveal time for the Echo Creative Club hosted by the fabulous Jeannie.  I know I have thanked her many times but really each month when I receive my package I am again delighted and sparked with creativity, so once again I am thanking Jeannie for giving me this opportunity.  You ROCK girlfriend!!!

So as I am in my flu remedy induced stooper I realized that I did not post what Jeannie sent me.  August is such a hectic month for me and add on Camping and BeadFest I think I reached an all time scatterbrained high!  I am sorry for not sharing these with you earlier.

Now I am not sure if you remember or not back in March I used some beautiful peeled paint beads of Jeannie's and unfortunately I had issues with the finish because I was handling them so much during my weaving process.  Well I have to tell you this was not the case this time.  I did start out weaving around them and none of the finish came off.  Although my finished design is far from where I intended I wanted to let you all know my findings on this matter.  

So here is my "Hot Buttered Popcorn" bracelet. 

I have been playing around with some beaded beads of my own and they worked so perfectly with Jeannie's beads.  I love the colors and texture of them mixed together.  I am looking to make more of these beaded beads to put in my shop so I am looking for any good feedback you can offer.

Please hope over to see everyone elses creations.  Some of our participants posted yesterday as they are Hoppin through bead soup today.

Cindy Cima Edwards

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Oooohh pleaaaaaaaase, can I have that? OMG, this is so beautiful with the beaded beads. And yes, it looks like popcorn. Perfect! See you tomorrow when I post my piece.

  2. Gorgeous Kristen!!! I'm sorry you're not feeling better yet! But your beadwork is clearly not being affected by your illness! :)

  3. Well as you can see in my stooper I forgot to schedule this to post tomorrow. Dagi email me if you really want it! LOL

  4. Love your hot buttered popcorn bracelet - the bead weaving is amazing!
    Hopefully someday I will be able to get the beadfest flu!

  5. that is so cute - your beaded beads are so awesome!

  6. I love beaded beads! I just don't have the patience for the fiddliness of all that starting and stopping but I really do love the effect. This is really a perfect pairing you've got going on....I may just have to go dig out that awesome book I have in beaded beads

  7. You had me at the name - perfect for this gem of a bracelet! Love your design, and I love Jeannie's beads, too! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. Hi Kristen,
    Ok now you did it I want popcorn! lol
    Beautiful bracelet love the beaded beads with Jeannie's polymer clay beads. I say go for putting the beaded beads in your shop and a tutorial for those of us that still need a pattern to follow for most projects. Get well soon.

  9. Kristen, Chills came over my body when I saw this. "Hot Butter Popcorn Bracelet." That's Brilliant and the bracelet is MAGNIFICENT! The things you do with seed beads make me hot all over. I can't stop looking at it. thank you Kristen for being part of the ECC, I could not do it without you. xo

  10. Serious love my friend! The beaded beads are a perfect complement to Jeannie's. This is such a happy bracelet!!

  11. You deserve an award for Best Named Piece of Jewelry! Love it! Also ... I love the beaded beads. Definitely put them in your shop! You showcased Jeannie's beads so perfectly with your design!

  12. I seriously need to clean the keyboard now because I drooled all over it - I LOVE THAT BRACELET!!! I also love what you named the bracelet - it is perfect!!! I think those beads deserve a place in your shop - they are perfect.

  13. I am sorry you are sick :-( but that bracelet came out beautifully!
    Feel better soon.
    Boil a few drops of tea tree oil in a lobster pot on the stove it will help clear the stuffies


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