Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lark Book Review - Dimensional Bead Embroidery

This review is also part of the Crafter's Devotional Hop I joined.  Elisabeth and Patty got together a while ago looking to jump start their respective mojos.  They found this book .......

And thought that there must be others out there that needed the jump start too.  Well since I to happen to like them both very much I decided to join in.  I still have not gotten my copy of the book mainly because I am waiting for the new kindle to come out.  LOL  Any how the first topic is ....

What book as influenced you most recently?

So that is where Jamie Cloud Eakin and her book come in.  

WOW... That is pretty much what happened when I opened this book.  Why you ask? (I know you really didn't ask but hey you are here reading aren't you?)  I will set the scene for you.  Lyn of Silvermoonlyn had posted these gorgeous cabs and wondered who could work with them.

Well I had not yet met Lyn but a friend recommended that I contact her and she promptly sent me a set.  How cool was that.  But what can I do with them?  I tried bezelling them but it covered way too much of the gorgeous glass.  Another sweet friend had sent me some Lacy's stiff stuff but ....Really I do not have a clue how to embroider.  So terrified I grabbed the Lacy's and Jamie's book and sat down.  

Jamie explained it to me in a way I could understand.  Her breakdown of the book is not overwhelming.  She covers supplies, stitches, and general information and then even breaks down each part and the different ways to do them.  Since I am very much a component based person it was like she showed a new path for me.  I can have fun combining things I love and showcasing cabs, beads and components in a way that suits me.  

Now normally in these reviews I would ask for Lark to send me images of her book to show you.  But I think you need to see that these techniques can be done by any beader.  So I am going to show you what she inspired me to do and you will see that yes embroidery is not out of your reach if you have been admiring it.

So this is the book that has inspired me.  I am so glad Lark has given me the opportunity review and cherish it.  Hop around to see what books have inspired others.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Wow! what incredible pieces! I especially love the one with the shell and starfish! Beautiful work!

  2. Oh, goodness, what amazing pieces you've put together here! Love those amazing cabs too...

  3. Holy WOW totally gorgeous stuff - I would love to learn to embroider but my lack of patience and hand pain I haven't gone near it yet. These are amazing!

  4. Gaaaaoooorgeous! Congrats on taking the inspiration and running with it!!

  5. Stunning beadwork!! Wow! I'm going to have to check the dimensional bead embroidery book out!!

  6. Wow amazing and my son likes the way the first few necklaces are displayed in the shape of a heart...

  7. Your inspiration has no boundaries! You know I love your work and these pieces are off the charts stunning! I'll leave the bead embroidery to the experts.

  8. Wow! Incredible pieces - that first orange one is a stunner! Thanks for taking part in the hop - you seem to be rolling in inspiration - I'm sure it will rub off on us all!


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