Monday, April 1, 2013

AJE Component of the Month with Jo Tinley

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It is that again and I have to tell you I am always so excited to be a part of the AJE and get the opportunity to participate in the Component of the Month.  These are some amazingly talented artists as well as some really great friends.  This month was Jo Tinley of Daisychain Designs (she doesn't know this part but I LOVE daisy's and the name of her shop makes me smile every time I see it)  and this is what she offered us this month.

As soon as I received it I was in love.  I know that happens to me all the time but it is not because I am fickle it is because of my love of artists.  As you know if you read my blog it has been a crazy time in my house ( well there is always something crazy happening if I didn't laugh about it I would totally be a blubbering idiot ) Sicknesses have been rampant this winter and at the beginning of the month it was me then my son had 3 weeks of 3 different viruses and my daughter had to get one so as not to be left out.  With that said and done I was not able to finish anything this month.  This is how far I have gotten with my lentil and I am so happy with it. 

I was originally going to use her lentil as a drop but it just screamed to be bezeled into a flower. Those other components are going to be part of it too and they are from a pattern Hoarder of Beauty by my friend Jen of Vanbeads.

I started out with a totally color scheme but then I ran across this bracelet I had made using Norma's pattern Solar Flaire.  I love it and it so needed a matching necklace.

The rest of this month is dedicated to finishing projects.  And I can't wait til this one is finished.
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Hugs and Blessings


  1. That is going to look fantastic in that pattern! Her component lends itself well to being bezeled!

  2. I would NEVER have thought of beading a bezel around that bead, but it is gorgeous! Wow. Make sure you post photos when it's done!

  3. LOVE this solar flair pattern and your gorgeous job with it!(reminds me of YOUR pop-up pearls!!!) xox

  4. This is already fantastic! I can hardly wait to see the final outcome.

  5. Those pesky bugs to have a tendency to get in the way! The components look smashing though, and I can't wait to see the final piece :)

  6. That focal is going to be stunning, I always so admire those that can work with those tiny beads. Can't wait to see the finished piece!!

  7. Oh Heavens!!!! Help me! Its too gorgeous, and my eyes are mesmerized by the wee tiny beads! You are amazing. THe colors are great! Glad you got the circle desgn on Jo's bead - it seems fitting!

  8. That is STUNNING. AND WHAt an honor to be a member of this fantastic site! Wow!
    xox jean

  9. well I tried to join, and couldn't. I shall return! jean

  10. Your beaded bezel is amazing - you do have a way with beads ! :)

  11. Dear Kristen! Hi again! I just love what you said, so I came by to say hello to my new pal!
    xox jean :)


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