Thursday, January 8, 2015

Art Jewelry Elements week in Review!

I wanted to share with you the amazing posts that were shared this week on the Art Jewelry Elements blog.  If you are not familiar with it I am happy to introduce you and if you already know about it but just got too busy to read then here is a brief description and link for you!

Friday -

Linda is livin her dream and sharing the heritage.

Saturday -

This was the reveal of the Component of the month hosted by Diana you will be amazed at all the beauty!

Sunday -

Lindsay talks about the pitfalls of bead hoarding and boy can I relate!

Monday -

Diana shared one of her excursions while visiting Utah.  You need to check out the beads, pendants and buttons she saw!

Tuesday -

Sue introduces us to three types of glass used in lampwork and holy wow I was impressed!

Wednesday -

Jennifer has reached hoarder status and I am so jealous!!!  Look how she is organizing!

Thursday -
Caroline has a love/hate thing going on with metal clay but if you ask me I am in love with her creativity!

I love being a part of this group!!!


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