Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pretty Palettes Challenge Reveal

Welcome to The Pretty Palettes Reveal,  If you have been around last week I posted how excited I am that Erin of Treasures Found and Halcraft USA asked me to play along this month.

Here is the palette again, From Design Seeds

These are the beads she choose,

I have to say I jumped in with both feet immediately.  Sometimes that works for me but other times it ends in a block.  These both happened to me this time.  I started out playing with these trying to keep in mind I wanted to use all the beads in one piece.  Some of my trys I will show you others I will not.

Here was my first thought.

I did not like the boxy look of this one, the green beads did not play well and frankly I REALLY wanted to use the 3 hole links.  So it was scrapped.

Then it hit me I may not be able to use all the beads in one piece and I was putting a bit too much pressure on myself.  With that out of the way this next piece literally flowed from my fingers.

I love the vintage look and feel of this and the color is perfection.  Honestly this only took me 2 evenings to finish so it worked up fast too.

Then the block came.  I really really wanted to use the green but everything I tried wasn't looking like I wanted it to.  I even thought I would make a link.

It just did not have it for me.  I set the green aside again and this happened.

Fun to put together but I did not like the way it felt on my wrist.  Then in the 11th hour almost literally it hit me.  I changed up the seed bead and Monday evening this came to me.

I am loving the look and feel of this necklace and as you are reading this I am working on finishing it.
I can not wait to wear it!  I feel bad this is not completed but as in my normal crazy life my sweet husband pinched his sciatica and I have been nurse maid since then.

Thank you so much Erin for challenge me this month I truly enjoyed playing!



  1. What a fascinating array of pieces you have here! I knew that you would work your beady magic on those. I love the way that the sliders came out. I find it intriguing how your mind constructs these details with such tiny building blocks! I do like the way the links are framing the green stones in that last piece. It will be a stunner for sure! Go and add your link to the post (I finally got my act together after being at a dance performance out of town until after 11pm). People need to see your genius! Thanks for playing with me! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. I also love the sliders on the bracelet! What an awesome necklace, too! Great job!

  3. That's listening to the beads. Fabulous creations! You are one talented lady!


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