Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scared Everyone Away?

Maybe I did give too much info on my last post so I may have scared some off. (if I did you won't know I'm sorry because you're not reading this anymore :) ) If you are still here I thank you very much (and promise not to reveal too much again!)

Anyway I have been working a couple of new pieces (one of which Shelby calls a twisted pink nightmare) but have run out of supplies and need to make a bead run! I actually will be taking my first official bead lesson on Saturday and a local bead shop and will let you know how it goes. I am very excited to see if I actually know what I am doing (or just lucky that I end up with bracelets) and when I am there I am going to also put Beadwork's magazines claim that I can get the supplies for Nancy Cain's "coco chenille" bracelet to the test.

Here is a pic of a pairing I did from April/May issue of Beadwork Magazine in black and black diamond (although the pic looks like its brown and I am still not sure why)

I do like this one and tend to wear it when we go out to dinner. (seems classy to me)

I also thought I would post pictures of some of the flowers in my garden and a pic of the patio. We planted all the annuals last weekend and they seem to be doing fine. It is very hot here today so I made sure to water this morning.

I would love a bracelet in these colors they are so out of my normal but I like how it is blended in the iris! (Hint Hint color combo suggestions greatly accepted ;) )

Always Believe


  1. I'm still here, you haven't scared me away Kristen! I enjoyed learning more about you :-)

    That's a lovely bracelet, I can see why you wear it out to dinner often. The flowers in your garden are gorgeous...Mother Nature never has a problem with colour combinations, does she?! ;-)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my tattoo! It's nice to see another beader and camper! And iris lover - arent' they the most interesting flower? Look forward to more posts and learning more about ya!

  3. Thank you both so much! I wish I had the color blending gift too. I do love my gardens and planters :)

  4. Oh what a gorgeous garden area you have... I soooo wish we had a nice area to sit outside.

    Your bracelet is very pretty too. I am a big fan of teal greeen and browns so they'd be my colour suggestions!


  5. Karyn thank you so much I love them too and thanks for the color suggetions!

  6. Thanks Olga I think I am getting better with taking pictures :)


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