Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Windy Rock Mobile

This is how our family camps.

I don't think when we register the owners realize how big our tent is. It is 18'x10' and we always end up changing sites when we get there because of its size.
The reason I called it Windy Rock Mobile is that it is a home away from home for us. Our house is called Windy Rock because it is located at the beginning of the Genesee Valley in the Finger Lakes region of NY and it is always windy and the soil is a rocky clay hence the name Windy Rock. I always wanted to start a quilting/cross stitch shop with this name because I like it so much but now beading is my passion and I love making jewelry!

You have already seen a pic of my sweet Shelby and my cute little Derek so here is a pic of my hubby Michael!

This was taken while we were on a Trolley Tour of the Delaware Gap. What a beautiful place to visit! The mountians and river are so spectacular and the Delaware Gap KOA was a great place to stay. The manager Mary and her two kids were so sweet to us. Her son DJ and daughter Skyler were so good to Derek. I find it funny that an 18 year old can so enjoy a almost 5 year old. Mary is supposed to send me a pic of them and I hope to post it when she does.
I did work on some bracelets but I haven't had time to take pictures yet. I have laundry and a family of sickies to tend to first!


  1. Now that's what I call camping! Love your set up. Gorgeous family, too.

    I'm happy to find another great blog to follow. :)

  2. Thanky you for coming! We do love our set up it is so much fun to have that family time! Huge thanks for following me!


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