Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you Cindy Caraway and Belinda Saville

This is a pic of my newest pairing and I have Cindy to thank for it. I do need to give a little background (ok I don't need to but I will anyway) When I first started beading jewelry I bought both Beadwork and Bead and Button magazines. I loved what the artists were making but I didn't have the knowledge to actually make them so I would tear out the patterns I loved to put into a binder to oogle over later until I had the skills I needed to do them (of course I recycled the rest because I do try to live green) Well then I started to find resources on the computer and check out these artist blogs. I fell in love with Cindy's Blog Artful Living on the Bluff and began to read it on a regular basis. I also found Belinda's blog and she told me that I should start a blog (so I did and they both follow it isn't that awesome!)so I could show my work and journey to better my skills (or so you my see what not to do who knows) and honor the artist who inspire me (hopefully) Anyway I think it was my second posting that I posted a shirt and beads that needed to be paired but wasn't sure what would look good so to my binder I went and there staring me in the face was "Waves of Symmetry" from the Oct 2009 issue of Bead and Button and the designer was (drumroll please...) Cindy Caraway! How cool is that for me! So I have a favorite shirt (that I really love instead) and the same beads (ok not all of them but who cares) and here it is! I hope she is pleased with my interpretation of her pattern and speaking of the pattern it was so well written I don't think I could have messed it up ( well maybe I could have but I didn't) If you do read Cindy's blog you will know that she has been in a creative slump (at least she thinks so, I don't) so I do hope this gives her a boost (hopefully it doesn't have the opposite effect) and lets her know she is an inspiration to me!

Always Believe,

PS My new motto is "If you trip in life make it part of your dance" I love this saying!


  1. It is lovely and it looks like you were an excellent student who had an excellent teacher.

    So many people only want great big beads, but I think some of the smaller beads and tiny little seed beads are the prettiest ones made.

  2. Cindy's instructions were so easy to follow! I do wish all of them were (but then again maybe I need to learn more skills to read them :) )I do enjoy seed beads so much. I like the feel and can't wait to learn more 3-D stuff! Thank you for your comment!

  3. I love your photos and backgrounds!Blue - is my favourite color. Amazing work!

  4. Olga, Thank you so much you are so sweet to me! I "heart" you!

  5. What a lovely bracelet,'ve done a great job! I love your new motto too, that is fantastic :-)

    Stop over at my blog when you get a chance...I have a little award for you! Belinda -xo-


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