Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last day of school and the pizza is

Yes I ordered pizza online.  This still amazes me.   Our advances in technology Humm .... they freak me out sometimes!  Oh well today is the official end of the school year for both Derek and Shelby however if you have read before it is vastly different for each of them.  Shelby has to go back for tests only next week and then she will be a senior, A SENIOR! Where the time went I have no idea.  She has grown soooooooo fast!  Then there is Derek who celebrated his "pretend" birthday at pre school today and he was sad because he will miss his teacher.  Sometimes its so strange but that is my world today!

Always Believe



  1. Ah we have one more week of school and my daughter is counting down the days. When we lived in Portland (and had two incomes) we tried a service where you ordered your groceries online. It was a fabulous luxury, lol.

  2. That would be cool and could save money on all those impulse buys. LOL

  3. I haven't tried ordering pizza online yet. I know there are places that offer online ordering but just haven't gotten brave enough to give it a try.

    Yes children grow up all too fast but for them it never seems fast enough. Only as we get much older do we stop and wonder why were we in such a rush to become adults and the leave all the joys and freedom of childhood behind us. Foresight zero...hindsight 20/20. LOL

  4. Time runs! I understand you very well:) I miss the time when my angel was small and sweet:)

  5. Oh she is still sweet Olga! So is my Shelby I am so lucky and I know it everyday!


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