Monday, June 7, 2010

What I planned to do and what didn't happen

Here was my plan yesterday.  I was going to take pictures of my finished class project (which is now a new pairing)
and what I bought at the bead shop ( aren't they pretty? )
and then maybe alittle about my weekend.  Here is what actually happened.  Saturday was great!  We all went shopping and out to lunch and then Michael (my sweet hubby) dropped Shelby and I off at the bead shop for the second part of my class and she really wanted to see what they had (she likes chainmail) (oh man I didn't get the picture of the bracelet she made me!) anyway, the class was good but I knew my first bracelet was going to be too small because I didn't verify measurements and just went with number of rows we talked about in class (I think I have mentioned before I have tension issues...with thread at the moment, not life ;) (that could change though :) ) It was so small that only Derek could wear it and even though that doesn't bother him because he thinks mommy's beading is cool, my husband would be mortified! Anyway (again) I brought it so I could learn how to zip it up and I had started another one so that I could at least finish something to wear. It is great taking classes and Susan was a great teacher so I do plan to take another class!  Shelby and I did some shopping and..... Ok I think I have mentioned before that ORANGE is my FAVORITE color (I will probably tell you again at another time) I have this shirt (this one I got at Tractor Supply and I love it and it is so durable and organic by the way, and is a little brighter in person (did I mention a photographer I am not))
Do you think I could find the right bead combo to make a pairing?  NO  I can't seem to make it work (I brought the shirt too)  I am looking for something fun and funky to pair it with but nothing is jumping out at me! (jumping out at me might be scary but you know what I mean)  Ok I do have a necklace plan (if Nicole will accept my nickles and dimes I am saving) Belinda did one of her kits that would match perfectly and it will be my first attempt at embroidery (I'll end up having enough by Christmas so maybe it will be a wish list item) but a bracelet not yet!
Between Saturday night and Sunday night I had baked cookies for Michael's monthly ucher tournament, chocolate banana brownies and banana bread ( obviously the banana were very ripe ) and tried to start a new bracelet and ended up starting it 3 times before I decided enough is enough ( I should have been finishing others but I blame crafting ADD again) It rained most of the day, we were all tired from the late night Michael was out til 2:30, and I stayed up to finish my 2nd class bracelet and Shelby and Derek just didn't sleep well and well...depression got the better of me (again)  You know, I really can't stand knowing that I have nothing to be depressed about and then my stupid body rebels against me without warning and I end up over thinking things, rethinking other things and getting mad over nothing!  OH I could just scream!  So..... I didn't take pictures til this morning (and it wouldn't have been good if I posted a pity party for myself yesterday) and if you have read this far you have seen them and probably think I have babbled enough.  Don't you?  :)

Always Believe (even when you can't remember why)


  1. Say NO to depression! You are wonderful!And your creations too!

  2. Thanks Olga I needed that boost!


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