Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My homework and Ode to Juls!

This is my beading tray right now.  I was going to post a pic of what it looked like when there were 4 projects on it at one time and ask for an intervention but.....IT SPILLED!  Oh it was my own fault having too many projects and all the beads on the tray at one time but as I have mentioned before I do have a pit of crafting ADD and that does conflict with the crafting OCD (having everything in its special place) So there I was trying to pick up all of the tiny little beads in the carpet and thinking ohwhatamoron and howcouldyoubethatbrainless (nice little words I have picked up from Juls @ Julesbeads who I am so lucky to have found and that she is following me Thank You Juls) and a thought occurred to me HUMMM why to they give you nice containers for beads if you just dump them on the tray and risk another bout of howcouldyoubethatbrainless?  So now the OCD is winning and I only put out a few beads at a time and things stay much more organized (and I don't sit on the carpet looking for 15's and thinking "you actually work with these for fun?" ) So that is my first rant and I am able to get this out due to the great teachings of Jules!

On to the tray, on the top is the Twisted Pink Nightmare (Shelby named it) which is a pattern from Rubys Beadwork with a literal twist.  An the bottom is my class piece that is almost complete.  I love this! It is designed by my teacher Susan and it is so much fun to make!  I have the last class this Saturday and will learn how to zip it up to make a bangle!  (and an excuse to buy more beads I hope :) )

Always Believe


  1. Funny girl! Thanks for the 'ode'. :D

    Love the colors on those pieces and can't wait to see 'em finished.

  2. Thank you! I am only in the blog rant early stages but I'm sure with your help and teachings I will get much better :P! Love ya Juls

  3. Hey I have been here a while now reading old posts and getting to know you better. You are funny and brought several chuckles to me. Yes Juls is a special person and I happy to have her in my life as well.
    Glad you are taking beading classes.

  4. Thanks so much Nicole I am a huge fan of yours and I'm so glad you came here! Hope to hear more from you!

  5. love love these colors. Seeing these made me want to go and make some ropes. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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