Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is my head really attached?

I seriously don't think so.  I have been forgetting everything!  Things we need for groceries, why I went upstairs, things that should have been removed and now Derek's teacher conference.  I hate hearing that its an age thing (mostly because I have always been a little airy) but it is getting worse!  I have had enough of it!  (don't worry I'll forget about this later)
Speaking of forgetting I was going to tell how my shopping went at Lets Bead in E Rochester.  I put Nancy Cains $12 bracelet to the test and she failed miserable considering the sterling wire itself was $8 and the S-Clasp was $3 I didn't have enough to get the drops or 8's that I needed (I did buy another class kit too after all)  I still intend to get the rest of the supplies (if my sweet hubby remembers) but $12 bracelet no its not!

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