Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My New Pairing (I 'm still not sure about it though)

OK so here's the story. You know I took the lentil herringbone class (that is if you have been reading of course) So when I was at the shop I was planning to purchase lentils that looked very patriotic to me but....they were out! So I tried drops instead. Well....I of course didn't buy enough because I missed counted (stupid math) so I started the bracelet anyway and restarted the bracelet anyway. I was trotting along in the evenings(I obviously like this pattern) and this time paying close attention to the measurements (I still haven't ripped up the strawberry kiwi one because if I haven't mentioned before EVERY ROW IS REINFORCED!) I was half way through the second embellishment row when I realized I was using the wrong inner beads (ARGH!) Shelby said to leave it because it would look "COOL" that way and practically dared me to finish it. (Have I mentioned the OCD thing?) So I did and here it is! Please Please be brutally honest on this one as I am still considering restarting it!

PS I now have 15 followers and I am so surprised and grateful to all of you for visiting "I so Lucky!"

Always Believe


  1. Kristen, I think you need to listen to Shelby on this's beautiful! And boy, your stitching is utterly perfect :-D I think the colours are gorgeous, a really lovely combination that pairs beautifully with your shirt. Lovely work!

  2. Oh thank you so much. It is a fun bracelet to make. I won't tell Shelby you said that though it might go to her head :)

  3. I agree - I think it is really soft and pretty. You are like me... you worry too much... let's both agree to not worry... but then we will be worrying about not worrying! Anyhoo I think it is perfect!!


  4. Thanks so much I am liking it more. As far as worrying goes....nope I'll always find something too!

  5. Oh I know this is from ages ago, but I really like it and hope you did not take it apart. Please tell me it is still in one piece and in your collection of gorgeous, handcrafted by Kristen jewelry. :P)

  6. Anna I have to say that this one broke on me I do think it was a flaw in the pattern because each one has broken. I am using the same beads to make something similar though


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