Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Turnaround!

As you already know I won the gorgeous Lori Anderson pendent this weekend and it is not only awesome because I rarely win anything I was also sick most of the weekend. A holiday weekend at that!  I am feeling much better but summer colds are the worst!  We did not get to enjoy our annual family get together at "Nana's house by the Water" (my mother and father in-laws) in Port Bay where we enjoy water balloon fights, good food, the 'Ring of Fire' (everyone along the bay puts out flares around the same time so it looks like a ring of fire)and fireworks.  We didn't want to get anyone else sick especially since they are leaving for Alaska tomorrow.  No way was I going to ruin Mom's trip of a lifetime! Anyway after winning the pendent and beginning to feel better we go Derek's new slip and slide out and as you can see he had a blast!
We also went to Honeoye Lake (one of the Finger Lakes here in NY) so we could see their fireworks and ring of fire. Here is my favorite views on this lake.
This is a view of the Bristol Hills
Our Babes enjoying the ride!
A beautiful sunset!
And My Little Ham!
I have been beading but I didn't want to show unfinished work because it is my first mixed media (don't get too excited remember I am still sort of a newbie) but I do think I really like the new stitch I learned because I have 3 other (actually 4 no wait 5) designs to pull out of my....ummmm oh right head that's it. I hope that won't bore anyone.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Always Believe

PS On a very sad note With a heavy heart I am sending Nicole @ Beadwright all my love and sympathy as her brother passed on Sunday.  Please send her all your good thoughts during this hard time.


  1. My dad used to live on the water and I loooooved going out for boat rights an hour or two before dusk. Glassy waters -- it was awesome!

    You should get that pendant any day now! :-)

  2. I am sooo looking forward to having it in my "Hot little hands' I will probably squeal loud enough for you to hear me! I can't thank you enough!

    My husbands favorite saying about the water is "Like Glass" and we do love it!


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