Sunday, August 8, 2010

A busy weekend and a little Merlot to top it off

Ok first I still want to say that the response from my awardees (still not sure if I'm just making up words now but hey this is my blog so I guess I can)was awesome! I loved getting this award and passing it on was such a bonus! It was the lift I needed to get me out of a funk! Thank you to all of you!

Now I am sure if you have been reading you remember my Chardonnay pairing. Well Shelby has taken the bracelet from me and refuses to give it back (I'm still not sure how I feel about this cuz there are good and bad points to it) Well this forced me to come up with another bracelet so when we were in Mystic I visited a bead shop. (I wont reveal the name because I did not get the warm fuzzies while I was there but their stock was nice and they had a sale) Needless to say Shelby thought it would be fun if I found another wine themed mix and made another bracelet (still not sure if she wanted it for me or another one for her) I found Merlot mix and I loved it! But....believe it or not I did not have a shirt to pair it with (I know I didn't think that was possible either) anyway when we came home and did the normal no food in the house shopping we stopped at BJ's Wholesale and there it was a shirt! Now this one is a bit of a stretch I think so I need as many opinions as possible to make sure this is not to out there of a pairing!
So here it is...TA DA
Well as I did say in the title this is a busy weekend and I will be checking in to all my sweet blogger friends tomorrow!



  1. Gorgeous, Kristen! You could pair so many different bracelets with that shirt...the embroidery is so pretty :-) Lovely work from you, as always! B. -xo-

  2. Ha! I found you!
    Wonderful bracelet! Love the inspiration and that you found a shirt you could wear with it so quickly!

  3. Very nice bracelet and it does go with your shirt. Your blog looks wonderful as well.

  4. I remember having a favorite shirt that looked like this in the 70's...which means you are now "retro." Which is cool ;-) Pretty bracelet, too!


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