Saturday, August 28, 2010

F is for.......

Fantastic Blogger Friends
Thank you all so much for your comments on my anniversary.  Finding all of you while stumbling through this bloggy world is a gift I hope to treasure for many years to come!
Fabulishous phone call
I was also lucky enough to talk to Juls voice to voice and it was like having a conversation with an old friend.  How cool it that?  She (well you all know this already) is a wonderful person and someone I am blessed to call friend.  And I will say that if I didn't know how busy she is I would talk to her everyday!  Thanks soooooo much Juls!
Flowering Family
(OK this one may be stretching the "F" theme but you try to think of fun and funky f words for this one!)
If the day wasn't great enough, My aunt Lisa and her daughters Jenelle and Jessica came with her from up north for the day and Guess What?  Jenelle is going to have a BABY!!!!  I can't believe my sweet Jenelle is going to be a MOM!  Lisa and I are more like sisters because we are only 6 years apart so her girls seem more like my nieces than cousins.  I am so happy for her!  She will make a great Mom!  Then Shelby and I went shopping with them before they left to go back up north! Ya know what?  Yep I got a new t shirt!  I know how surprising that news is to all of you! ;) 
F#*%@# Failure
(Please hold your laughter until the end so that you may be clear eyed to get the picture (and one of them is blurry enough without the tears)
OK so I thought I would try my hand at beading around a cab.  Well.....first I did not choose a symmetrical piece, then I chose cheap seed beads that were not uniform at all and last I kept going thinking that it might get better as I went along.  GUESS WHAT........WRONG all the way around.  
What in the world was I thinking?????  Lots of Lessons Learned on this one!!!!!
Fishing for finds
(Yeah Yeah I am still trying to stay with the theme so sue me)  
(Oh I have nothing so suing me won't get you anything but a headache from all my laughing)
So I my have a possible first sale of a piece of jewelry and I needed to go bead shopping.  (Humf.. how did that happen as I am supposed to be on a bead buying freeze.)  Well Aunt Lisa to the rescue I got a little bead money (ain't she great!) so here are the pics of what I picked up.  The first is some 8/0's I needed and bead caps I may use and farfalle beads that I had to have!  The second is the Merlot bracelet (that's the piece I am selling with those colors the buyer chose)
She wanted gold inside instead of silver grey so let me know if you think this will work.
(You know I had to use it)
Hugs and Love to all of you!!!


  1. Hey, Kristen! I love your beaded bezels! They are lovely and have a wonderfully organic quality to them. When bezeling cabs, I typically chose Czech (or sometimes Chinese) seed beads over Japanese BECAUSE of the more natural look they create. Don't stop now! Explore the "imperfectness" and use these as a starting point for a freeform piece inspired by those beautiful shell fragments :)

  2. Kristen! Oh my gosh you are not giving yourself enough credit. I LOVE those cabs! If you hadn't said anything I would have assumed they turned out exactly as you intended. They look beautiful and organic.

    I'm sorry I missed on wishing you a happy anniversary. I've been so absent lately. hopefully I will have a few new pieces to show soon. Going for a more organic look myself on a piece I'm working on now. Trying some techniques I've never used. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure if it looks organic, or just a tangled mess. I have to figure out a clasp for it, and then will put it on my blog.

    Enjoyed reading your last post. Congrats on the new baby in the family also :)

    It's always fun to read your blog and to see what new pieces you have made as we both have similar crafting backgrounds, and are both somewhat new to beading. Your such an amazing beader its is fun to watch your progression, and to share mine with you also.

    Any who...glad to catch up on your blog. Hoping life has mellowed enough that I can get back into the swing of things in the blog world :)

  3. Happy belated Anniversary! I was not a blogging this weekend much and as you can see I am blog hopping instead of working :)
    The cabs look good to me! Love the bracelet you showed!
    Isn't Juls the bomb!

  4. Congratulations on your sale!!!!! I'm looking forward to you playing along with Margie and me!

  5. Bellissimo!!! I colori sono veramente stupendi, complimenti!!!

  6. I find it very funny that I read your blog about the cabs after I copied the image into favorite bracelets. I would have never known there was anything wrong with them. I am just starting out with beading and hope to get ideas and comic relief from your blog site. Thank you!

  7. LissC ~ You have no need to apologize for being busy!!!! I love when you stop by and also love visiting you too! Can't wait to see the new work!

    Marcie~ I can't wait to actually give the piece to my customer it is for her daughters first college homecoming! After additions to my stash with the profits I can't wait to play along!

    Martine ~ I am good for some comic relief and check out lessons learned tags and you will find all my mistakes to learn from (it's not very big right now but....I've got time ;) )

    To Everyone!!!
    I need to tell you that I did view this cab as an EPIC FAIL by bezeling standards that I set for myself but it feels so good to play with and has become unbelievably special to me I thank all of you for the compliments!!!!

  8. Hi Kristen :) Thank you for your comment on my blog - it has been a very strange time for me!

    I will be following your blog now, your work is gorgeous, and having only recently attempted bezelling anything I think your cab has come out just fine! It's a tricky business to get exactly as you want though :) but all good fun



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