Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is this seriously the way to do business?

Oh my!!  As you have read previously I will be making a bracelet to sell.  I am sooo happy about this for both me and my customers daughter who will be getting it to match her 1st college homecoming dress!  So in that excitement I headed off to a local bead shop to purchase the beads that I needed and know that they carry.  I also checked out their classes and a national designer is coming so they had samples.  I thought it was so sweet that she let me handle them (with care of course and wow were they gorgeous but alas the class is $90 and kit is $85 so way way out of budget for me) and was talking about how many spaces were left.  Low and behold I misspoke calling rivolis-raviolis (go ahead laugh I had dinner on my mind) and the owner, let me say again the owner... turned and repeated it to another lady in a whisper and both looking at me like an idiot began to giggle and exchange even more looks.  Now I have a new outlook that I am trying out on myself and have made a few (hopefully good) life altering decisions including not taking these little things personally.  With that said I will tell you that I will be hard pressed to go there again as I feel that I can not be the only one they have done this to and I am sure I won't be the last.  I did find the humor in my error but not the response I got. What if I was new to beading just starting out?  How is that any type of encouragement or way to attract customers?  Granted I rarely shop there as it is because it is out of the way but they carry a decent amount of seed beads and Czech glass so when in need I have gone there, so the loss of my business will not effect them and I don't have any seed bead buddies in my area to pass this information along to but I hope this is not how other shop owners act!

So that is my rant.  I know you thought I was done with ranting but ya know I sometimes just need to get it out of my fingers (attempt at keyboard pun, sad I know). Hope all of you are having a great day and we will talk soon!

Hugs and Love

PS  Guess What!  My sweet hubby and I went out on Saturday!!! I put Derek to bed and Shelby watched him and I'll say it again WE WENT OUT!  I had such a great time!  We played euchre (which we haven't done together in years!) Had some fantastic home brewed beer and I had great conversations with his friends from work especially a sweet girl named Mel!  (Thanks I needed that Mel)  We didn't stay out long but I will tell you I had the best time!  


  1. What dorks!!! And it sounds like a fun evening - haven't played euchre in ages but it's always fun - especially with good beer!

  2. Haha thanks for the shout out Kristen! I had a great time chatting with you too! :)

  3. Not good at all. Haven't they heard of the "Ice Berg Effect"? Sorry, had to throw that out there that I did learn something from one of my college classes. I am with Elisabeth "Dorks". Glad you had a great time out with the hubby. I love Euchre but I am so bad at it.
    Have a great week!

  4. I hate to say this. I do. But I have only been in one retail bead store so far that has been kind and welcoming. I don't know what it is. Either they're looking at me like I'm there to poach ideas or there to dash out the door with their beads. I've even gone back in the event that it was just a bad day -- alas. It was not.

    Same for a local yarn store. Gave *her* THREE chances. Now I drive 20 minutes to go to a MUCH kinder store.

    People should remember these sorts of things.

  5. Okay, I have to be honest and say I probably would have laughed at the "ravioli" comment, too. But I would've done it private.

    Bead store owners seem to be a unique brand of people. One of our local stores has a gal that sings non-stop all day (and no, she can't carry a tune). She doesn't even stop when writing up your order or answering questions - she sings the answers. It's weird and to me, off-putting. I don't shop there any more if I can help it.

  6. I will be honest too and say that I would have giggled at the ravioli comment but definitely in private and well and truly after you left. I guess it is only human nature to laugh, cause lets face it... its funny!

    I have had similar experiences in bead stores - especially when I was first discovering seed beads and didn't know much about the beads or the techniques. I guess the behaviour of the store owners and/or staff is what differentiates a good store to a GREAT store - the service you get. Sure they may have a great range but if the staff aren't nice or helpful then I am going going to go back.

    I think in this day and age of the internet and the fact that the consumer no longer needs to leave the house to buy many things, store owners should be more aware of that good old fashioned thing called good service!

    Nice to hear you had a nice night out too!


  7. Oops I meant to say I am ''not going to go back''... silly typo :D

  8. There are some people that are just not meant to deal with the public. I suspect this shop owner is one. In me, she would have lost a customer. I would have had to tell her straight out that you realized your slip, but to laugh at a customer, in front of the customer is rude.

    I have worked with the public many years and I demand service and respect. I overlook a clerks mistake, but not rudeness or inattention to a customer.

    Maybe her shop will thrive, but just maybe she has done this to too many and may never know she offended anyone as she posts her going out of business sign.

    That said, this is my first visit here. Congrats on the win at Beadwright.

  9. OK, I took a look around your blog. Nice Place. I get your humor, and I like your beadwork.
    I'm Carol and you gained another follower. Please visit my Spot. I do bead, but summer is more about Outdoors so you may have to go back a ways to find beadwork.
    Nice to meet you.

  10. Oh Ladies thank you so much for the response. First I want to say that I know what I said was funny and agree that a laugh was greatly in order!! I just didn't like the way it was taken as if it was some inside joke! I knew my mistake and you all know I can laugh at myself. Shelby said she likes raviolis better so that is what she will call them (will always bring a giggle) It is just strange that I have met so many wonderful beaders in all of you I guess I sort of want it to be in the whole beading world (silly I know)

    {{{{{MEL}}}}} you knew I would give you a shout out! Can't wait to do it again!!!!

    Carol~ thanks for visiting and thanks for the congrats on the beady win from my gal pal Nicole!

  11. Hi Kristen! I know I'm late to comment here, but I have to add too that I was quite aghast at what happened to you! I would have been absolutely disgusted at the shop owner and sure, it would have made me feel bad. I agree with Lori's comments....more often than not, I feel awkward walking around in a small bead store too. Like I'm not welcome....such a strange thing. I wish there was a shop like Ornamentea around here, the atmostphere they create online seems like a dream!
    And I'm happy to hear you had a nice night out with your husband! It's probably been years since I did that last. One day...

  12. Cindy~Thanks so much for stopping by! I think this is so strange that with all the sweet beaders I have met that there are shop owners like this out there!

  13. Hi Kristen! There is a bead shoppe nearby where I live. They give great classes and have wonderful things! Ive gone in there and gotten the cold treatment several times from this one person and it does make a body feel uncomfortable. I dont really like going there now so I understand your feeling completely. I go into my nearby bead shop *only when absolutely necessary! Hang tight with all of US wonderful ppl! lol

  14. PS forgot to say that was funny you said raviloi! lol Hey Id of done the same thing prolly! You are not alone 1 bit! I so agree with Cindys comments..

  15. No.1 - Rudeness like that needs to be called out. To their face. With a loud voice and colorful language.

    No.2 - You had a date! I totally hear the excitement and contentment in your typing voice! It is rare here, too. My husband and I have a joke that if we actually NEED to get the kids attention, he just touches my boob. It's like a silent call, they come running from nowhere Every. Single. Time.
    I hope you have many more! (yay for Shelby!)


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