Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This time I have a little something

Well I am back. (actually we got back on Friday but unpacking and laundry have gotten in the way) We had a wonderful time in Mystic, CT and it is official Michael and I have been happily married for 20 YEARS! Here's a pic of the happy and hot couple(sweaty I mean, geez get your head out of the gutter would you) It was very muggy and hot waiting for the train but the ride was so nice!
I will have to say I really don't feel any different than that girl who said 'I Do" (ok other than the aches and pains of age) and I am so happy that he also feels the same. I am so lucky and I wish this for all my friends it makes the roller coaster of like a lot easier to ride with a partner! ANYWAY This was taken on a steamboat ride on the Connecticut River. We took a steam train ride to the riverboat then back to the train. My sweet hubby upgraded us to the parlor car so we had the comfiest ride on the train! Here are a few more pics of the journey.
This is Gillette Castle and it has a cool story. While traveling through Europe Mr. Gillette liked the look of old ruined castles so when he came back he had one built to resemble them. Shelby and I love castles!
This is an opera house built to try and bring culture to the area but it also houses a general store, post office and I'm sorry I forget what else. I thought it looked so pretty right on the water!
And this is Derek on the steam train! He loved it! I would recommend this trip to anyone who goes there it was so well worth the money and it is the only one in the whole country!

And.....Wait for it.......
This was at Ocean Beach Park. I was a nice beach and had a great view of the New London Ledge lighthouse. ( this is not a pic I took because it was overcast and I couldn't get a good pic)
And here is everyone else at the beach! Shelby did get a sunburn and a seagull stole part of her sandwich but overall I was so happy to feel, hear and smell the ocean waters!
This was such a great vacation and we all think we should definitely go again! In fact we may go in the fall if we can manage it!

On the beady front I was hoping to have a picture of a finished pairing that was Mystic inspired but it is just not turning out right so it is back to the beginning.  Don't you just hate when your mind and the beads won't cooperate!

Hugs to all



  1. What a wonderful vacation! And the pics are so beautiful!!!

  2. Looks like you have a marvelous vacation and lots of fun. Yes, the one bad thing about trips is the returning home and trying to catch up on all those little things like unpacking and putting things away and a week or so worths of laundry to do. It's all worth it though.

  3. Thank you both so much! You are so sweet!


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