Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well I got nothin'

So this is a post of nothing.  Seriously I got nothing to post.  Ok well maybe not nothing, so I have been beading but I have ripped it apart so many times that I now have to make a trip to Dick's to get more fireline.  We are also getting a new air mattress for Derek because we are going camping on Tuesday to Mystic CT.  Michael and I will have been married for 20 years ( can you believe it, how time does fly )on the 28th.  As you have seen we do almost everything as a family so we will be taking this trip to celebrate as a family.  We have some special things planned (even a trip to a bead shop! yippie) which I hope to get lots of pictures to post for you!  I hope all of my blogging friends have a nice week with no migraines, breakdowns, sicknesses, broken rods, or job woes!  (You all know I am thinking of you I hope) I will be packing for the next two days (I have to pick which pairings I want to take of course)  so I will hopefully have something to post next week!

Always believe

PS  In case any of you think I will ever reach my goal I have to tell you that I bought 3 new shirts since my last finished pairing and I still have others not paired (Not to mention that I have an entire fall and winter wardrobe to contend with)  I may need a 12 step program! 


  1. There are many days when I have nothin', and those are days I reach for a book.

  2. Sometimes we need such days. It's like rythm:day-night,summer-winter,etc...

  3. Olga you are such a good person you always seem to perk me up!


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