Friday, September 10, 2010

An Orphan

Not a lot to say today but I have made an "Orphan'.  That's right I have NO SHIRT to match it!  (not in my current wardrobe that is, I may have something in my winter stash but I am not getting that out now) This one may call out for something special!  So here it is......
This is a pattern form the February/March issue of Beadwork.  The artist's name is Callie Mitchell.  I love the way it is made and her instructions were spot on!  I hope to see more of her work but haven't been able to find her yet!  It uses drops (I know I have a little obsession with them but they are so cute and sweet) and seeds (of course) and these gorgeous beads I found at Walmart quite a while ago.  I had originally been looking for a creamy blend but haven't been able to match the pearls I have and drops I need then I was looking for something and happened to see the pattern and the beads at the same time.  I so love when a plan comes together even if it wasn't the original plan!  I also love the dual strand look! (Again that is Derek's finger not mine).  
Still waiting for my beads from Nicole but I am sure I will love them!



  1. Thanks so much for your comments today, they always bring a smile to my face. Your bracelet is awesome! I love what you've done and I've been wanting to try her pattern myself. Awesome!

  2. I meant every work Marcie!

    You will love this pattern! It work up in your kind of time frame and has sooooo many possibilities!

  3. I think that couldn't be an orphan for very long! I feel a shopping trip coming on!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Kristen, you just get better and better! I love this bracelet, the dual strands are a fabulous look :-) I agree with Erin, a shopping trip is in order...this bracelet is just too gorgeous to be left an orphan ;-) B. -xo-

  5. Such a pretty color! Methinks you need to go shirt shopping!

  6. {{{{{{BLUSHING}}}}}}
    Yep I think shopping is in order too!

  7. Your bracelet came out beautiful,and I love the color. Guess I need to see if I can get a back issue of Beadwork.

    Sometimes, rather than matching a color, it's nice to use a contrasting but complimenting color. The other day I saw a lady who was wearing a lovely chartreuse outfit and I couldn't help but think; "Now what she need's to make it perfect is a gorgeous cobalt blue necklace". So you might like to look for colors that would set it off, for example hot pink, certain purples or lime. LOL, guess that's how my funny brain works; always putting together outfits. :D

  8. I Love the Bracelet Kristen. One of my favorite colors. Bet it won't be an orphan for long!


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