Monday, September 13, 2010

Nicole, Shannon, Juli and Belinda!!!

I have been unbelievably blessed by these three fabulous women(in no particular order)!  Each one has helped me find paths that have been waiting for me before I even realized it!  Each one has sparked something inside me that has been waiting for me to see.  Each one has brought me to tears with their generosity of time and supportEach one is an artist of the highest caliber (making art from their hearts). Each one is a gift to treasure for a lifetime!  Isn't it funny in this day of technology that true and treasured friends can be found with a click and cyber hug.  Friends like these women are hard to come by and if I could have one wish it would be to have them all here to sit around and have coffee (or tea) and chat.  It would be a great time!  I know that most of you know them and probably feel a connection to them in your own way, but if you haven't please visit them and enjoy their blogs and art it is so well worth the visit!
PS  I did get the beads I won from Nicole's site and I love them (no pic yet cuz camera needs batteries) I will have a hard time keeping Shelby away from them!  She thinks they should be hers!  Oh and speaking of Shelby she has made some pretty cool clay beads that I have to get a picture of soon!


  1. Kristen, you sweetest of the sweethearts!
    I'm so thankful you're in our world.


  2. I sent the Nesties in to a magazing...but if they don't publish it, it'll be the first tutorial I do after I get that rejection e-mail! Thanks Kristen, you're so supportive of what I do, and it means a lot.

  3. The wonderful world of blogging is an amazing place isn't it! I too have many so many wonderful people...including you! I think they are just as lucky to have you in their lives as you are to have them in yours!

    Keep smiling ♥

  4. There are so many Precious people on here Bless you and you are one too! ox

  5. Kristen, you are a treasure! You add a spark of light to my world, and I'm forever grateful to call you a friend. I'm truly honoured to be a small part of your journey. You are an inspiration yourself, don't you forget that! Thanks for being the beautiful soul that you are ♥ B. -xo-

  6. Kristen I don't know how I missed this post. So I am sorry for the late..... thank you so much for your kindness. You have touched my life in ways that you will never know. Your bright light shines to bring people together. I am with Belinda when she says it is an honor to know and to call you "friend".


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