Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wanted....Pattern Reviewer Position

Yes it is now Thursday and all is well here at Windy Rock!  The house didn't fully rebel and after a quick fix to the potty and a septic pump (we have had way too much rain this year) we are finally done with home improvements and fixes!  (Keeping my fingers crossed)  I want to thank all of you for your support of my rant and 'been there done that' comments they really helped me!  Tuesday went very well and I have been on a beading binge since!  Well as much as I can with regular housework, taking Derek back a forth to pre-school, registering Shelby for college and her new job!  Yes she not only started her Senior Year she also got a Job!  Where in the world does the time go?  Oh I am just not going there again!  So without further ado I bring you beady goodness!

Here are the beads I received from Nicole over at Beadwright.  What a challenge she has given me!  First I have to keep Shelby away from them then I have to come up with something cool to incorporate them.  I so 'heart' her!  Thanks so much Nicole and I hope your foot is getting better! (But I am loving your beady creations while you have been laid up)
Here is the newest obsession for me.  I was gifted a tutorial, 14mm beaded beads by Liz Reed of Crimson Moon.  My friend loves seed beads but does not beadweave so she graciously sent this to me so that I can make them for her and she will send me some of her awesomeness in return! (I may be getting the better end of the deal but she doesn't seem to think so.   we'll see) I think we are both equally excited about this which makes it oodles and oodles of fun! I will tell you I so love this pattern and these beads are sooo addicting!  Liz's instructions were very straight forward and easy to understand. She included pictures of her steps that I really love because no matter what the diagram looks like the seeds can always look different.  The pictures let you see exactly what you should have.  Love that! She included hints and tips that were spot on!  You all know that I love patterns.  I am blessed with being able to follow most of them but when someone writes one this good I have to give a huge SHOUT OUT....WAY TO GO  LIZ!
 You will also see these really cool beaded spacers that I made using Melinda Barta's 'Spiny herringbone spacers' pattern in the August/September 2009 Beadwork Magazine.  I did shorten them a bit but other than that this was also a very easy pattern to follow.  I can see many variations and fun in the future for these.  I will have to say that I love the 'Custom Cool' and 'Stitch Pro' sections of Beadwork Magazine.  Melinda and Jean show you how to do the stitch then show you a what if.  That is perfect for beginners or someone who wants to venture into a new stitch.
Look at what else I learned. I know the pic is a little blurry but we all know I have not yet perfected the use of my camera and that little finger that keeps appearing is moving the tray!
The leaf is from the February/March  2010 issue of Beadwork in Jean Campbell's "Stitch Pro" section and those oh sooooo cooool discs are from the October/November 2010 issue in Melinda's "Custom Cool" section.  I am so addicted to making all these components and some of them are headed to a great new home very soon.  Yes I am making these for a special friend who has helped me discover this new path!

I also think I would make a great pattern reviewer don't you!  There are so many great tutorials out there and if you are like me sometimes it can be hard to decide whether it is good for you or not.  I think if there were more reviews out there it would be so much easier to decide on which one is right for you.  Just putting that out there for anyone who may think the same.

Oh Oh Oh I have the best news!!!!! I submitted a picture of a design to Beadwork Magazine myself and GUESS WHAT?  They want me to send the bracelet in for further review!!!  OMG I made it to a second step!  I can't believe it.  I am however very nervous about sending it in and writing a tutorial myself but with the help of a few friends and how I look at patterns it might work out just fine (that is if they want it)


  1. Your work is so Beautiful!
    I am so excited for you your work looks like it may very well be published! WTG Kristen. Thank you for your lovely comment on my page. Its people like you small nice comments that make me you us feel like it all matters and we are cared for. Bless you little Lady..ox

  2. How exciting!! I am so happy for you and GOOD LUCK with the second step. I can't wait to see the pattern you make from Crimson Moon. All your beadwork is lovely! ~Nancy

  3. That Is fantastic Kristen. Your work is wonderful. Don't be nervous-- I'm sure you'll do fine!!!

  4. That is so awesome about submitting your work for the second step - YOU GO GIRL!!!! Awesome news about the house being done now, what a relief!

  5. Hi Kristen. I just tried to reply to your email but it bounced back to me. The answer is yes, I wouldn't mind at all!

    Thank you so much for the mention, I'm really pleased you enjoyed the tutorial. Your finished beads look amazing! I love the other components you've made, in partucular the discs. I got my copy of Beadwork the other day, saw them and put them on my to-do list straight away. Now I've seen yours I can't wait to have a go :)

    And well done getting to the second stage of the submission process! I'm so pleased for you and will keep my fingers crossed. Hope to see your work in print in the near future!

    Liz x

  6. That's awesome news about Beadwork! Well done girlfriend! I have considered submitting some pieces to them too but never been brave enough!

    I love patterns too... I hate to think how many I have. I think the reviewing idea is wonderful too... I have been warned against a few books as friends who bought them have said the patterns are very difficult to understand so reviews of patterns in addition to books would be very useful!

    And I am with you when it comes to offering to be a pattern reviewer... how much fun would that be!!!


  7. Congrats again on Beadwork. Hmm looks like the blue beaded spacer beads will go with the ones I sent you????
    Have fun with them.

  8. Thanks girls that means alot coming from all of you!


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