Sunday, September 19, 2010

What more could we possibly pile on?

I needed to go on a rant for 2.2 minutes because that is all I have at the moment!  I know this has happened to everyone but it is just not fun and I can't laugh at it now!!!!  Ya know when you are in the middle of  (lets give examples) Holiday party planning, Selling a house, a first visit from a new relative?  Why is it that something always seems to go wrong?  Like you forgot an ingredient, miss counted the number of guests, the toilet breaks, the washer decides to leak?  Why Why Why!  I have been spring cleaning in the fall and still trying to play with a gift from Shannon and this house seems to be interfering with it!!!!  I hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am and I hope (after Tuesday if the house doesn't blow up) to post some pictures of the new fun I am having!!!!

Thanks for listening!



  1. You are allowed your rant... and you're good... it was only 2.08 minutes - so you could have taken another 0.12 if you needed it. :)

    Yesterday I had to make a cake for a family get together the same day... I know, procrastinate much! :) I open the recipe book... crap, need buttermilk. Get my butt out the door in a ridiculous rain storm, get my buttermilk and should be good to go.

    WRONG... back at home I start to get the ingredients out to make this stinking cake only to find out last time I made this about 2 months ago I used the last of my shortening AND hadn't remembered to replenish the pantry. Needless to say I wasn't going to run back out...

    In sweeps Super Mom! I knew my mom had errands to run in Delavan, so I called her to ask if per chance she had any crisco I could borrow... and if she'd pretty please deliver it before she did her shopping.

    She did... I owe her big time. I hear you're pain girl. Just be greatful for the things that do work, like the water heater on a weekend! :)


  2. You so deserve to rant! Everyone needs to rant every so often, look at me from yesterday! Thanks for the well wishes because they helped so much! I will post more tomorrow, so tired and so sweaty that I am heading home to take a shower! Your house will be fine, sending positive thoughts your way! Take care you!

  3. Oh, I just hate it when house chores get in the way of beading! GRRRR I feel your pain, my friend. Some days, if feels like nothing is going right. But if I've learnt anything about life, it is that things usually DO work out in their own funny way. You'll be able to laugh about all of this on Tuesday, I bet ;-) Chin up, and soldier on! B. -xo-

  4. Ok, Ok, you had your rant, now CALM down.
    Just remember there are PLENTY of worse things that could have happened. Now tell the Universe what you want, not what you DON'T want, what you WANT.

    I'll come back and see what you are working on!! Can't wait.

  5. Rant on rant on it is good for the soul. Then when it is all said and done you can take one thing at a time and poof like magic it is taken care of. whhheeeewwww slowly breath in breath out. LOL

  6. Oh gosh, I had to giggle a little because that sounds like my life on a fairly regular basis! I always say if somebody doesn't FIX THIS I will RUN down the street waving my HANDS over my head SCREAMING! And that usually fixes it. Not that I literally run down the street. Not often, anyway.

  7. LOL!! Sometimes I think it is just to get me to slow down a little or maybe to just take a breath.
    Have a great week. I hope your house will let you.


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