Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been waiting such a long time to get my hands on goodies from Juls you have no idea. I am no longer jealous beyond belief of all my blog friends that have had and flaunted(now it's my turn ;P)  But I thought it would be nice if she could see my happieness when I got these babies (thanks so much my sweet hubby). So I tried to do a video of me opening it so I could e-mail it to her but alas I am so technically challenged that I can't e-mail it becausee the file is to large!! ARRGGHH!. Anyway that probaly would have been a little embarassing for all of you to see me in all my dorkie glory (any yes i just about cried pathetic right) Oh and Juls my sweet Derek stole the sweettarts and Shelby is still trying to steal the beads!  So you will all have to settle for these pictures of MY goodies (and please feel free to drool all you need to cuz I have been drooling over all of yours for months now!)
OK I know you can all see these beauties but do you also remember my favorite color?  Can you guess?  I need to tell you all that these are beads of the highest quality and craftsmanship and that if you are looking for a special focal or beads to enhance your projects you can not go wrong with these!  I am not only blessed to be a very loyal customer I also have made a friend in her that I will forever treasure! (Shelby with tell you I am a sap!!!)  Thank you Juls for creating these with your amazing hands and torch! Now what to make to showcase these babies! To Be Continued......
I thought since I had a few extra minutes I would also show you what I have been working on.  Let me know what you think of this collection of beads!  They are such a blast to make and I am addicted to them!

Hey Guess What?  I also won this beauty from Cindy Caraway at Artful Living on the Bluff.  She has a comment contest every month and her blog is filled with cool quotes and vintage stuff.  Visit her if you get the chance!
This is really cool it is a vintage piece that she beads into a pendent (and my favorite colors too)

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend.  At least the sun is finally shining here!  Both inside and out!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Wow, I don't blame you for being excited. Those beads are gorgeous. The beads you made are also gorgeous. While I'm on a role here, the necklace you won is gorgeous, too. :)

  2. Hi Kristen!!
    Wow, what a haul!! Lucky you.
    I don't care if it prizes, or purchases, I love to get stuff in the mail.

    I love the beads you are making!! They look like berries. Great Stuff!!
    xx Carol

  3. Isn't Juls stuff the best. I have two of her worry stones that I need to take pics of and post. I told mom we would share them :) I also want to buy some more of her beads for mom for Christmas. Of course I could just keep on buying her beads and just be in heaven! I can't wait to see what you do with your beauties! I love those beads you are making! They are the bomb. You have a great weekend girl and you aren't a dork - I felt the same way when I get one of Juls packages!
    Take care and hugs!

  4. Oh Kristen, you luck girl you ! I'm dieing to see what you make with them but can imagine that you've got a hundred and one ideas swirling around in that creative brain of yours. The hard part is for you to decide which ones you're going to create. :)

    I adore your beaded beads; the leaves are truly beautiful ... would also love to see one of your awesome pieces made with those pretty babies.

  5. Thanks you Ladies! I am thinking of alot of ways to make something for them but since they are still under my pillow to give me sweet dreams it may be a while!


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