Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I want that but......

O Bloggy World I am so confused!  I have been seeing so many post about copycats that it is clear to me that that is EXACTLY what I am.  I have been beading for a little over a year and have only had 2 original designs and even those were inspired by other designs.  I love patterns and learning new techniques and have had many "I want that" moments.  I may have used different materials or colors but it is copying just the same.  I thought I had been honoring the artists with my pairings and you know I don't sell (except for the occasional friend who also says "I want that") but now I am no longer sure.  I had been considering making beaded components to sell to those who love them but don't work with seed beads but after so many posts about others selling the same thing I am thinking of just keeping that between friends.  I am also questioning (as usually happens with me) on whether or not I am honoring my own talent or is my talent following patterns well?  I now really understand all of my favorite artists and their dilemma's with this so I guess I need to figure out where I go from here.  I so need coffee and advil I am getting a headache!

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  2. There have been so very many times that I have come up with something,just to see a very similar item in a art magazine in the near future. I actually did a sketch one night, went out the next day and bought a magazine, and my sketch matched one of the pieces in it perfectly! I showed it to my fiance, and he thought I had made the sketch from the magazine. And it wasn't a simple pattern. This type of thing happens to me ALL the time! And not just in beading, but in any art form I've worked in. There are just to many people in the world for any of us to have totally original ideas. If you've thought it, someone has done it. You may be lucky enough to publish before someone else. But I truly believe NOTHING is original.

    It's IMPOSSIBLE not to be inspired by others. We are inspired by clothing, billboard signs, advertising,product labeling, basically everything we hear and see everyday and of course the brightest artist out there...mother nature.

    And above all. We are artists. And I don't know too many artists that don't have the innate desire to share their creativity with other artists. It's what we do. We create and share are creations. It is what makes us who we are. The need and the desire to make art, and to share it with our fellow artists. If not there wouldn't be a blogging world for us.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Your pieces are beautiful. Trust in yourself, and trust in your inner artist. Bring her into the pieces. You are so talented, you just need to believe in yourself, and then you will start to see more and more of yourself in your pieces, and less of others.


  3. Look, most of the copy cat complaints are because someone really IS copying and selling as their own designs that are blatant copies. One issue was resolved when the accusor realized that the piece was super similar to hers but not the same. She graciously appologized. Another was total undeniable theft.

    Just be true to yourself. Give credit when you need to. Otherwise, don't worry. Don't hold yourself back.

  4. I'd say make what you like, and if you feel it is "inspired" by another artist, then I'd note that more as a way to add to the artistic community than out of a sense of guilt. I also agree with the other posters that you're going to find some stuff looks similar without trying to copy them. Don't worry, your intentions are good

  5. Not only is there a saying that "there's no such thing as an original idea", but there's also a theory that there's one giant collective unconscious mind that we all pull from and sometimes? We get VERY similar things out of it.

    If you're following directions in a magazine or book to make a project and all you do is change the color scheme...well, I wouldn't sell that commercially or submit it to another publication. But if you made the design yourself with your own thoughts and ideas, then I don't see it as an issue.

    The items I've seen people complain about were blatant bead for bead copies that were then turned around and sold. THAT is wrong.

    If you create an original piece, but it was "inspired by" something someone else did, then SAY that in the item description if you sell it commercially. If you're really still on the fence about it, contact the original artist, tell/show them what you did and ask their permission. Abide by the answer.

    Don't drive yourself crazy over it!

  6. Sometimes, copying is the best kind of complement and the best kind of criticism. Complement because your design was so awesome that someone wanted it or wanted to try it. Criticism because they might have made some amendments to the flaws in your piece and you can use that to your advantage. Your not copying, and of all people, I should know. xD

  7. There is a HUGE difference between copying to learn and stealing someone's design and calling it your own. Everyone uses other's designs until they get the courage and confidence to branch out on their own, and you never know when that will be. Continue practing and you will see yourself slowly creep into your designs and one day you'll have an ah-ha moment and your own design will come bursting through! Keep up the good work!

  8. p.s. My cousin is a incredible talented lifetime artist and the advise she has always given me is that if I see something I love...go ahead and use it's inspiration, but change it by 2 generations. Bring yourself into it. You can look at family pictures, and see the resemblance between me and my grandmother, but we are also very different. So when you put your piece next to the persons you were inspired by it's okay to see the resemblance, but it is also very distinctly you.


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