Thursday, October 14, 2010

"So why is the Rum Gone?" A prize and a thought (maybe not a good one)

I just love Jack Sparrow don't you!  He is someone we can all relate too and frankly I know there is some part of him in all of us! Don't you all want to ask that question sometime?
I would like to thank all the best blog friends in the world for your support in my confusion from the last post and I firmly decree that even if I love you I will no longer read any posts that pertain to copying! No more hooey!!!Ok so that topic is done and gone and that is why "The Rum is Gone"

Soooooo the mail lady has been bringing me many gifts in the mail recently ( I so love when packages come in the mail even if a bill is attached) Some of which I can show you others I will keep to myself (no not special toys geez get your freaky little minds out of the gutter, oh wait you haven't read this yet so it's just my freaky little mind.....nevermind)  Anyhoo Cindy at Artful Living on the Bluff must have paid a few postmen off to get this delightful piece of candy out to me in such a hurry but I am grateful!  As I like to do I will show my opening of this sweet prize starting with the box
Such a pretty and sweet box I hated to cut the string but I couldn't slide it off and I have no patience!
and she wrote the sweetest little note on top so I have to say "Right back at you Cindy!!!!"
Now I will tell you that I gasped when I opened it because they are such pretty mocha colors and I immediately put it on!  I even considered changing my outfit today just to wear it but alas I have housework and the shirt it will be paired with is not for that!  Did you hear that Cindy this beauty will be a pairing!!!! So then I had to put it back in the box for you to see what I saw......
Isn't it the sweetest put in the candy cup!  Thank you so much for picking my name Cindy! I love this and your beading around it is so perfect!  This is my first vintage treasure and I will treasure it!

Now on to my thought!
Well you all saw my goodies from Julsbeads so you know I couldn't just let them sit I needed to make something (ok they were under my pillow for a couple of days, Thanks for busting me Dawn!)  And I should thank Dawn again because she helped me with a stitch that just kept eluding me.  (Kisses) So here is my thought but I am confused on how to put it all together any ideas?
Hugs and Blessings


  1. Watching you open the Bon Bon made me smile :) I felt like I was there with you - I'm so glad you like it!

    And seeing Johnny as Captain Jack (....drool...) makes me want to bust out my "Pirates" movies! I think I will...

  2. okay..this is funny...the last project i worked on a big owl with a very similar stitched netted rope like you have made. And I am so stuck on how to make it all come together. I just think its funny that we are both making such similar pieces. Our minds must have been linking.

  3. How sweet is Cindy's little Bon Bon! What a clever way to package the necklace, and I can sense your delight in opening it :-)

    Your work in progress looks fabulous...I love the bright, bold colours! As for putting it all together, I'm assuming you will pass some SoftFlex or similar through the netted tube and beads and attach a clasp at either end? A cone would finish the ends nicely too. As for attaching Juls' beautiful bead, I'd stick with a very simple loop bail. Can't wait to see the finished necklace! B. -xo-

  4. I love the Bon Bon too and what a cute way to send it.

    I love your piece you are creating using Juls' bead. I think a peyote toggle would look great stitched in red and white beads to compliment the lampwork beads. I think this would give it a fun feel too!


  5. Don't you just LOVE Cindy's Bon Bons!!
    Nice piece you are working on. Love the red.

    Rum...Captain Jack...hummmm

  6. I'm with Karyn - a peyote toggle would be lovely on that :) soo jealous of the Bon Bon, and the packaging was adorable!



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