Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goodies, Thanks, and HELP

I was so blindsided yesterday afternoon with a killer migraine that I wasn't able to post my goodies from Lori and Out of the Flames who by the way is holding yet another comment contest this month and she is giving away some gorgeous glass cabs AND if you can believe it a stellar polymer cab that you have to see to believe!  Anyway first I would like to ask anyone who gets migraines why do we insist on trying to make it go away when we all know they have to run their course?  I still can't understand that!  

OK so on to the goodies!  I told everyone that I won the giveaway for Lori's comment contest and that I was giving it to my sweet Shelby because she so needed a boost.  She picked the colors and Lori custom made this for her!  How awesome is that!  I was going to so as I have in the past a full on "open the prize" with you all BUT....I had to take it with me to pick Shelby up from school so she could be the one to open it.  DARN  I know how you all like the suspense.  LOL  She opened it but I was the one with the first "Hand to the face GASP" when the box was opened and this is why....
There in the box were three stunning glass cabs (MY First by the Way  YIPPEE) and the coolest little faux Dichroic polymer clay cabs.  AND little seed beads to match!!!!!  If I could hug her from here I so would!  But now I really need to learn embroidery soon because I already have a picture in my head of that gorgeous pink and gold one.  I was going to take a picture of Shelby;s bracelet but you know what....She won't take it off!  Lori's stitching is perfection and the colors look so nice on her that she is wearing it with everything.  Except her work clothes you know food service. LOL  Lori had already sent me a picture so I am using hers instead........
Isn't it beautiful?  I may have to steal borrow it from her at some point!  Thank you again Lori for making both of our day!

Speaking of thank yous as we all know this is Thanksgiving.  And although plans for the holiday may change due to a number of things for any one of us it is a day for giving Thanks.  I am one of those people who probably says Thank You way too much for others but I believe that it is one of the most important gestures next to Love.  This season I am once again grateful that we have been blessed with another year together as a family.  I am also lucky enough to be truly thankful for the many friends that I have made through this little blog.  I never knew it was possible to make friendships that I hope will last for years to come through my keyboard and monitor.  I am thankful for all of you this holiday season!

OK now I need my beady friends opinion!  Really I need you HELP!!!!  I know I told you about the "Challenge of Color" blog hop at Erin's Treasures Found blog.  I have been working on it but this is all I have come up with so far.  
I do love these but I am wondering where to go from here if I should!  Any Comments will help!

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Congrats on the win. There is NOTHING like Lori's glass. Can't wait to see what you are going to make with them. As for the challenge. I can't help you now I need to know what the challenge is. I will check it out and them email you.
    I am cooking today instead of tomorrow so I will be in the kitchen all day.
    Hugs my dear friend.

  2. You are so welcome! I'm Glad Shelby Loves her Bracelet! She picked an awesome color combo...I can hardly wait to see what you create with the cabs. Have a Fantastic Thanksgiving! Hugz!



  4. I can't wait to see what you come up with, those dichroic's are fantastic! The bracelet is lovely too :) good luck in 'borrowing' it some time - I think that will be a challenge win on it's own!!

  5. I was lucky enough to win some of Lori's cabs, too! They are gorgeous & I ponder everyday (no lie) what I am going to do with them!

    Shelby's bracelet came out awesome-beautiful colors!

  6. Laura~ Thanks for the luck I think I will need it!

    Lori~See how Shelby is she won't even share!

  7. Oh man, migraines, can I EVER relate! hope you're feeling better!


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