Monday, November 22, 2010

Centering and Balance

I was actually thinking of other titles for this post but this is the one that fits the best!

This is how my Monday morning has been;

I am over my cold but.......

PMS has set in!

I sold 1 of the 2 bracelets at the auction but.....

The one that sold was for 1/2 it's value due to an error!  Juli helped me out with this one as I was feeling quite down about my work but a quick reminder that she thinks I am awesome sauce did the trick!

I am supposed to be hosting Thanksgiving this year but.......

The whole other side of the family my have strep!

I went to take a shower but.......

The pressure was so low this morning it shut off during mid soaping!


That's it!  I finished my shower, turned on my curling iron (I know tempting fate but) put on my favorite shirt, ripped jeans and my newest finished bracelet (which is totally copied from Dawn's post and I so hope she doesn't mind and I truly have to thank her for this inspiration!)
 And decided to change my day.  I finished my hair without burning it or me.  I made Derek lunch then took him to school (all went well).  Came home and ate my favorite comfort food (tuna casserole because no one else in this household likes tuna)  Then lit 2 candles and began to find my center and reconnect with my spirit!  Now we are all spiritual but come about it in all different paths but when you reconnect even if it is just for a few moments it can change your whole outlook.  And now I am so much better!
I got to see the gorgeous pendent Beth and Evie have made for our swap
Isn't it the sweetest!  I can't wait for this but....I know there I go again I was starting to doubt myself and sweet Beth caught on and straightened me right out.  Here's a pic of part of what I will be sending her!

Once again there is no sunshine here so it is a little dull and I still need to get into a better editing habit but they are beautiful winter blues and crystals (do you think she will like them)  I do have a surprise or three for her but you will all have to wait for them.

Oh OH OH I won the most beautiful giveaway at Lori's blog Out of the Flames and it came in the mail but I can't open it until Shelby gets home!!! (OH I SOOOOO WANT TO though)  Lori was giving away a flat spiral bracelet in YOUR choice of color.  Oh yeah customs are the bomb!  Shelby had been feeling quite down lately so I wanted her to have it (she is also a huge fan of Lori's) sooooo we will have to wait and post that tomorrow if we can get some good pictures!   THANK YOU Lori!

So as for a day that began to challenge me HA!  I found a way around it!

Hugs and Blessings



  1. Glad to hear you're over that nasty cold. It's hard to be creative when one's brain feels like it's been replaced with oatmeal mush. :( So I'm sure you've been catching up on all that lost time. Happy that a day which started out as a bummer turned around a became a winner for you. (Love days like that, the uppers make up for all the downers and then some.)

    Your bracelet is gorgeous ! And I adore your beautiful beaded beads, there is absolutely no way that Beth would NOT fall madly and instantly in love with those divine beads. I can only imagine how breathtaking they must look like in real life ... WOW ! :)

  2. Kristen! Sounds like you did just the right thing to get yourself out of the funk that was setting in. Kudos - most of us aren't able to see what we need, and turn a situation like that around! Glad you are feeling better.
    And yes - check out Picnik - it's just what you need to brighten those (beautiful) beaded beads in the picture. Just click on the exposure button, and slide those bars up ever so slightly and you will be amazed at the results!

  3. So your day had its ups and downs! I'm glad you were able to renew, eat tuna and feel better!

    Can't wait to see the bracelet!

  4. Now see I LOVE tuna casserole..It reminds me of days gone by..No one here likes it either.
    Glad Shelby's bracelet made it safe and sound!
    Hugz to you!

  5. I love tuna casserole too. What is wrong with people? LOL Remember to brrreeeath. I am so proud of you.

  6. Girl the beads look awesome and I am so excited to be receiving them. Ok, just had the song "I'm so excited" run through my head right then. I love the bracelet - sweet! I hope Shelby loved her bracelet. Hugs!

  7. Awesome post, Kristen! Love the new bracelet! Gorgeous!
    I also love the way you pulled yourself out of the doldrums.. you definitely should reward yourself for that! HUGS!!

  8. Anna~ You are so sweet and I do think they are pretty in person too!

    Amy~ It is hard to pull up the big girl panties sometimes but this worked great this time! Oh wait til you see what I did on Picnik! Thanks for that!

    Lori~ Loving the bracelet is an understatement at this point she just won't take it off! LOL

    Hugs Ladies you so make my day!


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