Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's with the wine theme?

I have this wine theme going and generally I don't even drink wine?  Go figure.  Anyway this is the bracelet that was inspired by Marcie's previous "Margie and Me" challenge.  I was having trouble with the inspiration part until she posted this gorgeous picture of Marie Antonetta's Sparkle gown and bingo it hit me AND I had the colors that I needed to do this.  I kinda pulled this one out of my...well you know.  But with no pattern to follow I winged it, and winged it again, and winged it again.  Now I so love this simple yet oh so elegant bangle.  First I will show you the picture that inspired me then the PAIRING!  Yes a finished pairing!  I know it has been a while but it was so well worth it.
 Isn't this gown just stunning!  Thank you so much Marcie for this inspiration because I am so pleased with my interpretation!
  It is a bangle done in RAW with Czech 8's, 11's and pearls from my mothers jewelry collection.  So now I also have a piece I wear and think of her!

I have also been working on my second piece to frame Juls gorgeous bead.  I will tell you that when I first saw it I thought it had a beautiful olive color, but when I received it I was so thrilled that it is actually the most beautiful hot dog relish color and as I said in my previous post the beady goddess was good to me and I had matching beads!  Now I did show you this bead before and I was starting a twisted herringbone rope which I liked doing but.......

It just didn't seem to be the right look for this. So Dawn to my rescue once again with her showing me the Russian Spiral (which I am totally addicted to making and wearing) and a hunt through my unorganized bead stash and now LOOK LOOK LOOK
This is exactly what this beautiful bead called for!  It will be a challenge finishing is because (which seems to happen to new beaders all the time)  I did not buy enough of the transparent smoky gray 15's to make the size I wanted.  No worries though because that will be fun trying to finish this necklace.  I will be making a bail but that is a whole nother can of worms I am not ready to open yet!

This is the last picture I am going to show of my beady fun and I am making it for the silent auction at Derek's school.  I think this bracelet is coming along nicely and has a very seasonal theme.  It is from the latest issue of Beadwork magazine and since I don't have it at the moment I will have to tell you more about it later!
I think it will go for a good price (at least I hope it does as it is part of our fundraising goal this year)

I hope all of you are well and as usual I took too long posting this so I will have to wait till tomorrow to check out all your recent posts.

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Kristin - those are so pretty and I especially LOVE the pink bangle with pearls! And sentimental too!!!

  2. The pearl bracelet is stunning and so special since it is made with some of your Mom's pearls! You really nailed the colors for the bead you got from Juls! I am hoping to try some of these fancier stitches when the holidays are over & I have more time to experiment.

  3. Love, love, love the pearl bracelet! It is even more special because you used your mom's pearls! Love what you are doing for the Juls bead necklace, it is AWESOME! I also can't wait to see your finished piece for the silent auction!

  4. Daaaang KK! Those are all kickin' awesome! You picked THE perfect colors to match that focal, and I look forward to seein' that baby finished!

    PS. Check yo' mail Monday. :~D

  5. those are so pretty! love the colors!

  6. GORGEOUS! Both of them! The bangle is awesome, the beads you paired with Juls bead is awsome. I'm so impressed, and good luck with the fundraiser!

  7. Kristin - thanks for the "Just Peachy" link - the bracelet is gorgeous and the way you linked the donuts together was just perfect!

  8. Wow! The pearl bracelet is so beautiful!!! And other things too!

  9. HOW TOTALLY AWESOME is that bracelet!! I love that it also has sentimental meaning! That Russian Spiral is the perfect accompaniment to the pendant. You are on a roll, dear! The bracelet for the silent auction will definately be ooh'd and aaah'd over.

  10. Thank you all so much! I am also so glad I was able to get outside to take these pictures because the light is so good. Now that winter is fast approaching I will have to figure out a new method wish me luck!

    Hugs to all of you!

  11. I do love that dress! When I was a kid that's the style of dress I wanted as a wedding gown.

    Your work is gorgeous!

  12. Wowee! Someone's been busy! That bangle is gorgeous, I love how such a simple stitch can make something so beautiful :) The beady goddess has been good to you with those beads, can't wait to see that necklace finished.
    Best of luck with the silent auction, sounds fun
    Laura x


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